My First Year DealDash Review

I joined DealDash in September 2012. A friend told me about another penny auction site that I tried for a bit, but did not like, so I used the internet to check out some others. I tried a few of them briefly, but was never impressed. Then, I saw and tried DealDash and truly liked it from the start.  I read all the instructions, reviews, and watched some auctions before I tried it. After playing for a while, I discovered that if I had a question or a problem, the Support Team was always there … that REALLY impressed me! I started with small inexpensive items and did pretty well. As I graduated to larger auctions, I was successful and began the quest to try to do all my 2012 Christmas shopping on DealDash. I finished all of my shopping before Thanksgiving!!!  Most of the gifts were impressive and on the expensive side.  I purchased everything for pennies on the dollar with free shipping.

After shopping for everyone else, and with several large Amazon cards I won, I was able to purchase a quality bicycle for my husband and a cool tricycle for myself. I also won 2 Nikon cameras, 2 laptops, a Samsung cell phone, 2 Samsung tablets, 3 Dr. Dr headphones, a 45” HDTV, a sewing machine, a pressure cleaner, kitchen appliances, linens, toys, and gift cards galore!!!  I now have all the electronics and gadgets I need.

And just recently I won the “Best Photo of the Week” prize from DealDash and chose to receive a $500 Amazon Gift Card.  In addition, I received 200 free bids for the initial posting of the photo on the DealDash Facebook page!!!!   Summary:  I used 540 bids at 15 cents each, received 200 bids back for posting the photo, won the $500 gift card, and paid $23.48 for the win … that is a net profit of $698 !!!

I volunteer with a local animal rescue operation, and so I’m always looking after animals that need a little extra help. That card will buy a LOT of vitamins, supplements, supplies, food, and litter for these abandoned, abused, and neglected babies.

I am an extremely satisfied DealDash customer. The savings are amazing, the support is amazing, and I see myself as being a DealDash customer for life 

PS: I have a little hint for folks who might like to know for sure when a UPS package is being delivered.  Sign up for UPS My Choice. You will know exactly when a package is being delivered and then sent a message after it is put on your front porch! You can even have them hold a package or re-route a package.

Toshiba 24" LED TV won for $23.48 on

3 thoughts on “My First Year DealDash Review

  1. LuvMyPets

    Thanks for asking Beth. The answer above is perfect. The only thing I would add to that is to buy your bids when they are on sale for 15 cents and hold on to them to use when an item comes up that you really want.

  2. Dave

    DealDash auctions can be really unpredictable, however it’s common the higher valued auctions will take more bids to win while lower valued items take less and sell cheaper. This is not always the case though and you’ll likely see many high valued items sell for just a few cents. One of the best customer bidding tips is to choose an item you like and would buy anyway. Calculate the cost of your bids plus the final sales price to be comparable with the value of the item (Buy it Now price) and set your budget. Budget would be max number of bids to use and max final sales price to pay. Be sure not to exceed your budget and bid over the Buy it Now price. Hopefully you’ll win the auction before your budget is reached meaning you would have saved something. If you don’t win it, stop bidding and Buy it Now for retail price so you get the item plus all the bids used in the auction added back to your account. This is a win win because you get the item you were going to buy anyway and you don’t lose the bids.

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