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Did you know you can earn free bids on www.DealDash.com in several ways? Being a price conscious person who buys on sale, with coupons and any other discounts I can tack on, I always look for ways to maximize my out of pocket. That’s why I love DealDash’s options of getting free bids. The first way is to let the clock run while in an auction. The longer you are the top bidder, the more time you accumulate and that eventually gets you a predetermined amount of free bids added to your existing bids. No purchase necessary! That is why it’s important that you also allow your fellow bidders their high bidder time. Can’t beat that !

DealDash Free Bids

When you collect time as highest bidder, the meter bar fills up. When it is fully green, it activates a claim free bids button!

Next, you can post pictures of you with your won item on DealDash’s Facebook page.

If the item value is $199 or above you’ll get 200 Free Bids!

If the item value is $99 to $198 you’ll get 75 Free Bids!

If the item value is less than $99 you’ll get 10 Free Bids! 

And once every week, DealDash picks their Facebook photo of the week. The winning photo is awarded a $500.00 gift card at your choice of places !! Just for posting a picture ! Having been the lucky recipient of this gift card, I know what an awesome surprise it was. I chose a Target gift card, which came promptly ! I used it to buy that elusive iPad I had been trying to win.

The final way of earning free bids is to post a picture to your Pinterest profile of you with your winning item. You will get 50 bids added to your account ! Have you ever been on any other penny auction site that rewards you for being their customer? Don’t think so ! If you need help doing this, DealDash has all the instructions on their site to help you post your winning photos and get rewarded ! Good Luck DealDashers !!

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17 thoughts on “Earn Free Bids on DealDash

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  3. DealDash Community

    LIKE! DealDash really puts an emphasis on being customer centric and listening to customer feedback. Key strategy to running a successful business. Explains why DealDash is the longest operating site of its kind in the United States, now 5 years in business.

  4. Jill Barrick (barrick3)

    No darling, you don’t get your bids back if you don’t win. The only time you will get your bids back is when you use your option to buy the item outright. If you will read my posts on both websites, they will give you some very helpful ways to manage your bids and how to bid the smart way. Look up barrick3 or barrick3@yahoo.com. I will be happy to help you in any way I can. I would just love for you to win!!!!!!

  5. Contributor

    If you don’t win an auction after using all the bids from your first bid pack just let DealDash know and you’ll get a return of those bids for a second chance.

  6. Praxedes

    Hey guys I just joined today , I didn’t win on my bid but I got I free bid, not bad for a start.
    I bought 200 bids for a start, I didn’t win , now my bid balance is 187 but I thought if
    You don’t win you will get back your bid points. Can somebody make this clear for me? Thx

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  8. Jill Barrick (barrick3)

    It is always fun to get free bids. I highly recommend that any time you have an opportunity to receive free bids don’t pass it up. Think of all the fun you can have bidding and not to mention the money you will save. There are even more ways to get free bids like rating DealDash and other websites on Wot. Don’t pass up any opportunities to get free bids.

  9. askdeb

    I like deal dash because of all the diversity as a penny auction. All the different ways to win free bids is awsome. The communication with staff is excellent. No other penny auction is this involved with its customers as Deal Dash.

  10. magi

    I have won many free bids on Deal Dash with the timer and with photos posted to Pinterest and to their FaceBook account. The free bids really help out and it is great that Deal Dash gives the members a chance to earn free bids. Thank you so much for the great posting and thank you to Deal Dash! Is the best auction site online!

  11. magics

    I also love the many ways you can earn free bids on Deal Dash with being the highest bidder to entering photos of winnings on their website. They do promise free bids when members do this and it all adds up! This is a great post! Thank you so much Deal Dash for all you do for the members!

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