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DealDash Buy it Now

Don’t walk away empty handed. Buy it Now on DealDash and get your Bids back!

I really have enjoyed bidding on DealDash. The trick to winning is using your Bid Buddy.

The BidBuddy allows you to bid on auctions even when you can’t be on the computer yourself. It will automatically place bids for you within last seconds of the auction clock. 

See DealDash Glossary for various terms and what they mean.

Those who are new and keep jumping every bid that pops up stand to lose a lot of money. Also they upset other bidders that are on a tight budget.

Letting the Clock Run Down” and “Don’t Jump my Time” are expressions for letting the bid clock run down so that the top bidder gets more time for their “Time as Highest Bidder Clock”. Sometimes people will leave messages like these in their Bidder Bios as a way to encourage each other to cooperate to get more free bids!

This site is to bid on items you need and it’s purpose is not to bid, just for the sake of bidding. Some people are so focused on winning they will spend way more than the item is worth. That to me makes no sense. I always try to bid on items I am willing to pay full price for if the bidding gets out of control. BIN means buy it now and get the bids you spent back. You really can’t lose that way unless you are bidding on items you could never afford to pay for.

The “Buy it now” option lets bidders purchase the items featured in DealDash auctions at a regular price. Using this option lets bidders get back all of the bids that they use in a particular auction, which is why nobody has to walk away from DealDash empty handed!

Lets keep Dealdash fun and enjoyable. It has been for me, although I too have used the BIN often.

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