The Advantages of using your Bid Buddy on DealDash

When I started on DealDash over a year ago, I admit I was flying by the seat of my pants ! I see alot of that going on today, only this time , it’s not me. It never fails that I will get into an auction where I have set my bid buddy and in jumps a bidder who thinks they have to bid one second after your bid posts. Those bidders are usually “newbies” and haven’t learned the advantages of setting their bid buddy.

Just because you set your bid buddy, doesn’t mean you are not watching the bid progress. I set my buddy all the time then flip between my active auctions, adding bids when necessary to remain in the hunt for the item I am bidding on. Bid buddy allows everyone to retain their place in the auction, while allowing you and others to accumulate high bidder time to win Free Bids !!

I encourage EVERYONE to use your bid buddy. Some of my best wins have come while using my bid buddy. Trust me you will not be disappointed.  If you see there are multiple bidders in your auction, you can cancel your bid buddy and watch for a while till the bidding slows, then jump back in. Just know that using your bid buddy helps everyone and saves you in the long run.


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6 thoughts on “The Advantages of using your Bid Buddy on DealDash

  1. alndee

    I love that everyone seems to want to help out so that everyone can benefit. Thanks for all the help.

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  3. Jill Barrick (barrick3)

    Your bid buddy is a very important tool, especially if you want to bid on more than one item at a time. If you see something you like and it’s not time for that particular auction to start, go ahead and bet 5 or 10 bids in the bid buddy so that will assure you a place in the auction when it does start.. When you want to bid on more than one item at a time, place bids with your bid buddy on as many items as you like and then keep track of how many bids are left on those items by going to your dashboard. The dashboard will show you how many bids you have left on each item you bid on, that way you can add more bids if the current ones are getting low. Everyone, have fun, play fair, and good luck to you all. I hope my tips have helped and TO ALL”HAPPY HOLIDAYS”.

  4. wvajan

    Where are some ways to get your bids! Fill out your profile and earn 3 bids. Look for price cuts on bids and free item auctions or even the ½ off auctions are great. When you place bids and don’t win you can buy the product and get your bids back.
    Also the best way to bid is use the Bid Buddy. You save money and bids by using this. Bud buddy automatically makes the bid for you so you are bidding and will be a pro like the rest of the bidders that they been on there awhile.

    When you just got to have that item that’s ending soon or you’re just a little short in credits, you can always buy some credits. Sometimes spending money can end up saving you money because the overall amount paid will be less than what that item would cost elsewhere! Another feature is if you see an auction that is hours away you can click the star on the right side of the auction and it will place on your profile of auctions and you can use bid buddy to place the bids you want-just in case you are not available at the time of auction. I love Deal Dash and would recommend it to anyone for their shopping, whether birthdays, holidays or just everyday needs. Deal Dash it is a fun and secure way to get gift cards and gifts for everyone. I have been with deal dash for over a year. I have won a lot of items on this site and have always been pleased with the quality.

  5. Dianne Aikman

    I surely hope folks will start reading these tips and instructions now, before bidding. It is such a waste of all of our money when the bidders are not using Bid Buddy and are just running up the final auction price. So frustrating! Thanks DealDash – LuvMyPets

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