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4 Smart Bidding Tips For Beginners

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You joined Deal Dash, bought bids and are ready to go, Whoa…wait a minute.

Have you bid before? If not here are four Deal Dash bidding tips to keep in mind.

Bidding Tip Number One: Watch Before Bidding

Watch a few auctions before you join in the bidding. See how different bidders play, when they bid, how frequent they bid. You will need to figure out your own strategy once you start however watching the auctions before bidding is important.

Bidding Tip Number Two: Start Bidding On Small Items First

I would suggest you start with a small value item, like a gift card. Search the gift card category for a card you could use and bookmark it. The item will then show up on both your home page and under bookmarked auctions on your Dashboard.

Bidding Tip Number Three: Determine Your Total Costs

Be sure to determine how many bids and how much cash you are willing to spend, without going over the retail cost of the item before you start bidding. Remember your bids cost money too. Your cost for an item is not just the final sales price it is the combined cost of your bids used and the final sales price. This is important to keep in mind when Deal Dash offers “50% off” or “Free deals”. That is when bidders seem to go wild with using more bids then they might have otherwise.

Bidding Tip Number Four: Let The Frenzy Die Down

When the bidding starts, enter 1 bid and then watch what is going on. At the beginning of any auction there will likely be a lot of bids entered in rapid order, you need to let the frenzy die down a little. When there are 3 or 4 individuals bidding in sequence consider joining in. Just keep in mind what you determined the most you will spend on bids and cash. Try not to get caught up in the craziness of bidding as that will get you in trouble and you will spend more money both in bids and cash.

Finally, read other articles about bidding tips and strategies. You may find many of the same times overlap and are repeated over and over – this is for a reason. One article you may like is on the site called A Simple Exercise To Find The Perfect Auction

2 thoughts on “4 Smart Bidding Tips For Beginners

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  2. willmaynard

    Also, newbies should know that there are a few auctions specifically geared to them, as newbies.

    The way this works is that these auctions are not seen tb experienced bidders, only newbies. Therefore, there are often literally only one or two people bidding on them…if any.

    Newbies do not know this, since there is nothing in print detailing that is what these auctions are.

    Once a newbie wins any four of these auctions, the auctions are no longer visible to the newbie.

    If you notice, a lot if the wild bid stompers are newbies who just won 4 items on the last few days. They are wreckless with their bids because those 4 easy wins have excited them to think that those 4 wins are normal.

    An important piece of advice to newbies is to educate them that these auctions exist, because deal dash doesn’t tell them. Newbies need to know that deal dash is great, but those four wins are not normal. Most auctions have a lot more participants…who are a lot more experienced. If newbies learn this they will stop wildly bid stomping liked crazed gamblers and not waste a ton of their money…and give experienced bidders less headaches.

    The following are a series of items only visible to newbies. Again, these special auctions go away once won. They all go away after the newbie wins four of them:

    -$15 amazon card
    -$10 Walmart card
    -$10 Duncan Donuts Card
    -$10 Burger King Card
    -Major league baseball w/ display case
    -cuisinart 3 piece grilling set with glove

    Again, newbies need to know that these auctions exist and that they should enjoy the “easy wins”. They also need to know that these auctions are especially geared to give them a “hook”. After those wins newbies need to know that they should study the auctions closely and learn how the experienced bidders do it.

    I wish an experienced bidder had told me this. I had that rush of adreline after those wins myself. Dealdash didn’t tell me, so I bought a lot of bid packs and became that crazed bidder myself. I only learned about the special newbie auctions when members of my family signed up.

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