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5 Tips to Boost Your Winnings

Like most of us, I have had my ups and downs winning on DealDash. Now that the holidays have past, I hope to have a few more wins on DealDash this year. These are 5 tips to help boost your winning on DealDash in 2014.

1.  Buy Bids on Sale – I prefer to buy most of my bids while they are the cheapest at $0.15. I feel that way if I have to use more bids that I want to, I can maximize my out of pocket when I do win this auction.

2.  Bid at Different Times and Keep Tabs on Your Auction – Timing is everything. I have won some of my best auctions while working or sleeping. It doesn’t always happen but you will never know unless you try. I usually plug in my starting bids into my Bid Buddy then check periodically to see how I am doing and if I need to add more. The worst feeling in the world, is to check your auction, only to see you were the runner-up. In others words YOU LOST

3.  Identify Power Bidders – I try to stay out of the auctions with the Power bidders. You know who they are, hopefully ! No need to name names. Those bidders usually do not care how much it takes to win and you are just a stepping stone. Oh I admit I may “waste” a few bids to “teach” them a lesson. Yea right ! In my mind anyway.

4.  PAY ATTENTION – So many times I get off doing other things, like Blog posting, and I realize I am bidding via my Bid Buddy, only to go back and find out the auction ended in the meantime. Makes me very sad. Here’s a good article to help with paying attention – 7 Tips For Staying Focused On Your Auctions.

5.  Bookmark the auctions you really want to bid on or watch. If the price goes to high just uncheck that auction and refresh. This helps me to have all the auctions, both ongoing and up coming, so I can see them all on one page. I don’t want to sift through all the auction pages to find the auctions I am interested in. That’s what those little stars are for in the top right-hand corner of the auction window.

Bookmark Auctions

Just remember to also be a good person when you bid. Our desire to win tends to bring our the claws ! It happens ! I try to be a good bidder while I am in an auction, allowing the clock to run so all can accumulate free bids. I like to show the occasional bid stomper that I am indeed there and watching and I do care that you are chomping into my highest bidder time. But try to be the kind of bidder you wish everyone was.

Have you read this article? Knowing “when” to concede and playing fair on DealDash

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