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Why I Highly Recommend DealDash

Tips and Tricks

I became involved with DealDash in October 2012.  At first I was skeptical about the website according to the reviews about other penny auction sites, but that soon changed.  I am impressed about everything DealDash has to offer.  For instance, if you are new to the website it is really easy to get acquainted to how things work.  BidBuddy is a useful tool to get acquainted with and  I am a huge fan of the free bids on the site. Take a moment and read the advantages of using your BidBuddy on DealDash to learn more about what BidBuddy is if you’re not familiar with it.

DealDash has different tiers to where if you are the lead bidder for so long then you earn free bids.  I currently am on level 16 and will earn 125 free bids if I am the lead bidder for 23 more minutes.  With free bids, this makes buying things much more enjoyable!

The Time as Highest Bidder Clock is a timer that measures how much time bidders spend as the top bidder in every auction. Once the Time as Highest Bidder Clock reaches a certain level bidders can claim free bids!

Another thing I like about the site is free shipping.  I have won several items and DealDash always send the items asap which generally come from USPS, FedEx or UPS.  If I do not win the item I bid on, I get all of my bids back when buying the item at normal price so it’s a win-win situation.  I highly recommend DealDash which is a safe and secure website!

If you want my advice on winning or getting involved in DealDash just leave your comments below. Also check out these 10 ways to bid smarter on DealDash.

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