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Part One: Computing Bidding Cost

Bid Pack Auction on DealDash

Hello everyone, first of all I want to just say that Deal Dash is by far the best auction site on the internet. I have compared all of them that I could find and there is just no one that is even close.

Since I have joined I have won many different auctions, and let me tell you one thing. There is nothing more exciting then to be able to get a tablet like I did for 1 red penny, that’s right everyone 1 cent, nothing more because shipping is always free. Now I have won several auctions that I have only paid a penny, but most of the time you will pay more then that but what you do end up paying is far below any retail pricing out there. I have saved 95% 72%, 60%, 98%. and that list just goes on and on. I have never had to pay anything even close to retail for anything that I have won. But there is one thing that I want to cover here for everyone, actually two things and I will cover them in a two part series
The first topic I will cover will be on your bidding and computing the actual cost. This will be covered in this article entry as part 1. The second thing will be on how to bid and the strategy I use which will be covered in the second half of this two part series. So lets get started!

Part 1: Computing Bidding Cost

Ok first you need to know just what you are paying. For example I watched an auction a couple of weeks ago where the person that won the auction had used just over 9000 bids. Now the item they were bidding on was a 50″ TV and the buy it now price was $699.00. He won the auction with a price tag / final sales price of $254.53. So the question here is… how much did he pay for this item? Most of you will want to say $254.53 and that really is half right. That is what he had to pay to DealDash after he won the auction, but remember he had used over 9000 bids. So now lets look at that. Even if he got all 9000 of them at the cheapest price which is 15cents a bid that would be $1350.00 plus the $254.53 equals $1604.53. As you can see he really did not get a very good deal at all.
One of the most important things when it comes to bidding is to keep track of your bids. Just remember when calculating the cost of your items you have to take the cost of the bids plus the final cost of the auction. If you do not do this you will find that many times you are paying more then the item would have cost you at retail. But if you keep track of this you will find that you are winning some super great auctions and saving a ton. So who in their right mind would pay $900.00 more than the TV is worth? We must remember that many people do value their bids differently because they may have won a 5,000 Bid Pack very cheaply, recycled many bids using the buy it now, saved up free bids from posting weekly photos to Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter, or achieved high bid rewards from collecting time as highest bidder, etc. Not everyone values their bids the same therefore some may bid more than what others expect. 
Happy Bidding on DealDash – Fred

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5 thoughts on “Part One: Computing Bidding Cost

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  2. Paul

    Can you explain how you do that without having to scroll through the entire list of recent winners? As far as I know, the only thing you can find out about a user is what is showing during the bidding process and there is the list of “Who’s near their limits” page. Other than quick math (with guessing) and watching an item continually, there is no way that I’ve seen to know how many bids a person has used. You know when they start and what the price is now but you have to estimate from that.

  3. Terry B

    Great point you make about people winning the 5000 bid pack for cheap, and how that allows them to spend bids much more freely than usual. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check out your competition to see if they’ve won any large bid packs recently before engaging them in a lengthy battle.

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