Giving DealDash Love

The Love Of Winning And Giving

Giving DealDash Love

I do love winning items on Dealdash but I also love winning for others.

I feels very good to give friends and family items I have won on Dealdash that they otherwise wouldn’t have or perhaps couldn’t afford.

One example is the Honeywell Portable Electronic Ceramic Heater I won for $1.88. During the colder months, we get super cold at work so I knew if I won the heater, it would be perfect for my co workers. They loved it when I brought it in and plugged it in, it heats beautifully!

Then I also won an Emerson 0.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Microwave, Black for $0.79. My Mom owns a small business and her microwave was given to her several years ago and is in dire need of replacing. She doesn’t know it yet but hers is about to be replaced! Shhhh…

My daughter joked that she has a hard time sleeping and really wanted a sound machine. So I won this Conair Sound Therapy for $0.28. Boy was she surprised when I gave it to her. She said it has helped her relax and get to sleep.

So Dealdash isn’t always about what you win for yourself, It’s also what you can win to improve someone else’s life. Dealdash gives you that opportunity to stretch your dollar in this economy. Thanks Dealdash!

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Happiness consists of giving

5 thoughts on “The Love Of Winning And Giving

  1. kymm115

    Sadly, it seems to be happening more and more. I just know my heart and try to be the better bidder. It’s hard to do at times. Not sure what some of them are thinking and why they feel it’s good to win at all costs. Why not just shop online and pay full price to begin with. Thanks for your comment.

  2. george beyer

    I will tell you that when you are bidding on any product, never bid more than than retail value, and always be prepared to purchase the item you are bidding on. My other advise is to never walk away from the deal you are bidding on, as you may be getting slammed by other bidders thus eliminating your potential of your timer going down to get free bids and move to the next level. I find the most challenging item to bid on, are bids themselves. This puts you near a must win situation. If you don’t win, then to get the bids back, you would have to pat retail price in most cases. Remember to have fun, plat fair, and enjoy this a a means of entertainment, as well as a great way to get great bargains.

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