Three Potential Ways DealDash Bidders Could Get More Free Bids


I love that DealDash is an open minded company, listens to their customers and welcomes new ideas from their Bidders.

Here I will briefly share some of the ideas I have on how to reward the Bidders with more free bids.

1. After purchasing a determined number of bids the bidder receives a specified amount of free bids. For example: for every 1,000 bids purchased, the bidder would get 10% or 100 Free bids!

2. Shorten the amount of time to receive free bids or make the Time As Highest Bidder Rewards more frequent and fun!

The Time As Highest Bidder reward is a really nice bonus DealDash offers its members. After the set amount of time spent as the highest bidder, you earn free bids. I am up to 200 free bids when my amount of time is met and I reach the next level.

3. On your yearly DealDash anniversary date from signing up, you get some type of anniversary bid reward. Perhaps this could be tiered rewards. For example: 1 year = 100 free bids | 2 years = 200 free bids | 3 years = 300 free bids, etc. DealDash recently had their 5 years in business anniversary last month so the DealDash members who signed up with them back in 2009 would be receiving a 500 free bid reward for their loyalty.

These were just a few thoughts I had about how DealDash could possibly improve their service and reward their customers with free bids. I love how DealDash really listens to customer suggestions and takes them into serious consideration. Can’t help but like a company with such willingness to accept new ideas and talk with their customers.

As for sharing some bidding tips and advice, I wish and would like to recommend to bidders to use your Bid Buddy. By using the BidBuddy your bid is placed at the last second of the auction. Plus, by using the BidBuddy you’re not only conserving your bids when someone places a single bid but you’re also allowing others to collect their Time As Highest Bidder rewards. It can get frustrating when people out bid you after every 2 seconds. That makes it so mush longer to collect enough time to reach your next bid reward level. Please be fair, and let the other bidders get their time on the clock.

– suvgal

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