DealDash Easter

DealDash “Free” Wins

DealDash Easter

Deal Dash gave us all a lovely pre-Easter gift with a week of ‘Free’ wins. We all know that means Deal Dash covers the final cost of the item and the winner only pays 1 penny for a transaction fee plus the cost of the bids used to win. Not a bad deal at all, we can try for an item that in the past was not obtainable, but with such a small final out of pocket cost, why not try.

However, when this generous offer is on the table, common sense and math ability seem to go out the window. I participated in a number of auctions during this ‘free’ week and did not win anything.

Why? I saw many new bidders having joined Deal Dash within the week of ‘free’ wins. They have not had time to learn Bid Buddy or how to join in without jumping on bids. I saw many bidders jumping others with no regard to what the potential cost to them their action may be. When I see one bidders name 5 times on the list of the nine most recent bids, then I know to go away and come back to this auction later.

One example of math ability going out the window, is on a $100 Walmart gift card. These come up frequently so there is no reason to lose your head and use bids like this is the only time this item will ever come up. This auction started on April 5 about 9:50am. As of the writing of this article, the final sales price is up to $189.56 at 7:40am on April 7. There are four bidders using bid buddy so this may go on a while longer.

If we use the lowest cost Deal Dash offers for buying bid packs of $.15 per bid, then if any of the bidders has used over 667 bids they have over-spent on this item. Once this action ends, I will check All Penny Auctions to see how they did.

Overall, when Deal Dash gives us this great opportunity to save money and try to win items we might not otherwise try for, please remember how to add so you do not over-spend. There is no joy in spending bids that cost more than the item you won.

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6 thoughts on “DealDash “Free” Wins

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  3. willmaynard

    That’s true, some of the bids may have been free bids. Personally, I like to treat my free bids as if their paid for – they are hard to come by! 🙂

    But, there’s something else going on to. Many people are “using” other bidders to earn their own free bids through the bid meter. Honestly, this really gets to me. I watch it happen a lot. Someone tracks the other bidders, as long as it’s safe that the other bidders are fresh and committed to the auction they keep overbidding. When they think the others are about tapped out they will finally bail out of the auction and BIN.

    Honestly, this really bothers me. When it happens it really ruins my deal dash experience…knowing that i am getting used like this by these very cut throat bidders. It happens in auctions all the time. But it seems to happen worst when deal dash offers the 2x and 3x auctions.

    I wish deal dash would add to its promotions each month auctions with bidding limits. This way we could, at least once a month, experience auctions without over bidders.

  4. DealDash Community

    It’s important to remember that those bidders may have not purchased all of the bids they used. They may have won many of those bids, earned many of them free by posting pictures to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, received many free bids from the Time As Highest Bidder rewards especially with the recent promotions DealDash had which doubled and tripled the number of bids received.

    The losing bidders can also simply buy the $100 Walmart gift card for $100 and get all the bids they used in the auction back for free. For those that used many bids in this auction, that would be the smart thing to do.

  5. sgdd13

    Update on the $100 Walmart gift card I referenced in my article. The auction finally closed at 2:45pm on 4/7/14, the final sales price was $218.35 (thats 21,835 bids used in total). The winner was smart and came in late and won using only 175 bids. Others bidders that dropped out used 2,495 bids @.16 – $398.72, 1,197 bids @.16 – $191.52 and 890 bids @.16 – $142.40. I used .16 as an average bid cost. These bidders all lost money in thier effort to win this card. This clearly shows you need to be careful on how and when you bid during a ‘free’ event.

  6. luvmypets1

    Great article. I wish every bidder would read your article. It should be required reading!!! I saw this same auction and was appalled at the ridiculousness of it.

    I honed in on one auction: a security system. I was able to win it albeit at way more beds I wanted to spend. It ended at about $133 but my final cost was only one penny! thank you for that great sale DealDash !!!

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