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DealDash ‘One-Per-User’ Auctions Explained

Color Love KitchenAid DealDash

Deal Dash offers many high value items that are marked ‘One-Per-User’. This is to be sure that all of us have an opportunity to win something of significance.

However, as I discovered myself and reading comments from others, this does not always hold true due to item specific details which technically make the same item… different.

For example: If the same item comes up for auction with the same description but color is the different, then it is considered a new item and you can bid again even if you already won this item. Say you win a Kitchen Aid mixer in yellow, then the same mixer comes up again in blue, you can try again. The same holds true for all items. If there is any difference in the item size, color, etc. then it gets a new SKU number and therefore is considered a different item.

You would think this ‘One-Per-User’ would be easier to control on bid packs, but no, when Deal Dash offers the promotional discount on the Buy it Now (BIN) price of a bid pack at $0.20 per bid, the bid pack is considered a new item and therefore you can bid to win it even if you already won the regular 2000 Bid Pack.

These two Bid Packs are considered different “One Per User” auctions. You can win each of these Bid Packs one time. Reason: the BIN price is different due to the promotion, technically making these different auctions.  Similar to the example of the different color KitchenAid mixer.

One Per User Auctions DealDash

When bidding on a $500 Walmart gift card I discovered that if you lose and BIN (Buy it Now), you can bid on it again when it comes up for auction to try and WIN it. One of the other bidders did just that, on March 16th he chose the option to BIN on the $500 Walmart gift card and get his bids back. On March 19th he comes back and goes for another $500 Walmart gift card and this time he won. So in three days he gets two $500 Walmart gift cards. When I questioned Deal Dash, the answer was, a BIN does not restrict you from trying again to WIN on the same high value item. I get the feeling from a few other bidders, that this is not fair. If it is marked as ‘One-Per-User’ then regardless of how you obtained it (WIN or BIN) or if the item is another color then that is the only time you can try to win the item.

Deal Dash, seriously re-think how ‘One-Per-User’ should be handled, it really should be exactly that – ‘ONE-PER— USER’

What are your thoughts?


DealDash One Per User Auctions

4 thoughts on “DealDash ‘One-Per-User’ Auctions Explained

  1. DealDash Community

    at the moment indefinite. Once you win it, you can’t win it again. There are however many items that are similar which you can win. The one per user is very item specific.

  2. Zyekad

    If you BIN you should be allowed to try to win the item in another auction just like you can right now. That is only fair since you paid full retail for the one you purchased and there was no deal. This gives you the chance to get a deal in a future auction for the item.

  3. luvmypets1

    I disagree if you BIN an item. You are buying the item at full retail price. There is no WIN or DEAL with that, other than you get your bids back.

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