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New To Bidding? Stop Single Bidding And Use BidBuddy

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Time after time, I see DealDash bidders jumping in immediately after someone places a bid (call it Bid Stomping if you will).

As one of my DealDash strategies I will often count how many different bidders are actively pursuing whatever item I am bidding on at the time. Usually it never fails that there are 6, 8, or even 10 different bidders in an auction, yet someone chooses to bid after each bid placed. I wonder if they know they can’t outbid the Bid Buddy?

Nine times out of ten, when I look at the Bidder who is jumping in after every new bid (Bid Stomping) I see it is a new bidder who has just joined DealDash within the last few days or weeks. Keep in mind if there are even just 6 different bidders who have each plugged 20 bids into their Bid Buddy, that’s 120 of their bids against 120 of the Bid jumpers/stompers bids. This is because they bid after every other bidder and automatically are going to be outbid by the next persons Bid Buddy. These “Bid Stompers” usually do not ever win the item.

Although it’s possible the auction perhaps ends a little earlier by jumping, it doesn’t happen that often; especially on big ticket items. I wish newbies would take the time to observe a few auctions and learn what it’s all about before storming into multiple auctions and outbidding everyone immediately. Most seasoned bidders are going to sit back and watch you spend 6 times more bids than they do and when you are “done”, they will swoop in and claim the prize. I was a newbie once but I was raised knowing a fool and their money are soon parted and Mama didn’t raise no fool !! I admit, it is getting harder to win with all the new bidders joining but I manage to still win a few auctions. Do your homework and stop wasting your bids and others bids. The Bid Buddy places your bid at the final second of the auction and will help conserve your bids. DealDash says the majority of auctions are won with the help of the BidBuddy.

How to access BidBuddy? Click auction on front page to open the auctions main bidding page

DealDash Bid Buddy

Hope this helps, good luck !!

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