One Customers Grand Shopping Experience On DealDash

In almost 2 years of being a DealDash auction shopper, I have won some of the most awesome things.

I have outfitted my kitchen with a stunning Breville toaster/convection oven. I won a blue KitchenAid mixer and every attachment except the ice cream maker. I was able to snag a 4 slice toast and most recently, I won an over the range microwave oven. In addition, I have won small items such as cookware, knives and bowls. I think I am set now. The only thing I’m missing is a brand new stainless steel range. ūüôā

My home office has been upgraded with 3 laptops and a brand new printer. I have been enjoying my 45 inch flat screen TV in my bedroom for some time. I have won several pet beds and a large cage for my Foster animals that I care for when volunteering for our local county animal shelter. In addition, I have received many, many Amazon gift cards that I have used for pet supplements and food. During Christmas 2012, I was able to purchase a bicycle for my husband and an adult tricycle for myself using the Amazon gift certificates I received from shopping on

Then there are the two Nikon cameras. One for me and one for my husband that we took to the Grand Canyon last year!!!

I want to thank DealDash and their superb support team and employees for giving me the opportunity to obtain so many grand deals for me, my pets, and my family. There is never a need to go shopping elsewhere. If I need something I go straight to DealDash!

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 Written by Dianne Aikman

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