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Review of my First DealDash Experience    

Hello everyone my name is Donna from Ohio, I am happily married with 3 grown sons, 2 grandsons and another grandchild on the way. I joined DealDash.com August 22nd, 2013 after seeing a commercial about DealDash that said try it now if you’re not completely satisfied get a full refund of your first bid package no questions asked, even if you win an auction you get the first bid package price refunded! So I went on the site and bought my bids, what did i have to lose?

DealDash money back guarantee

The site was really easy to figure out and before long I was bidding on everything! They have alot of nice items to bid on! Of course I did not do to good the first time I tried it, I think I won a little bid pack but nothing else. So I did get a refund on my first bid package and Deal Dash credited my card for the whole bid package price just like they said! I was really surprised!

The next time I tried DealDash I did a lot better. I learned about BidBuddy and how to book your bids which is a lot easier to win that way! I won bid packages and 3 more auctions. I was so excited I really enjoyed shopping on Deal Dash! I won toys for my grandsons and hair clippers to use on my sons and grandsons hair! I was hooked after that! I went on the site all the time to study the items and the way people bid. I had the site on my computer a lot. I began to love shopping DealDash and continue to love it and continue to shop with them a year later.

By Dan Boles and Donna aka suncrafts

I’ve now won over 180 auctions. One of my most recent wins is this 50 Gallon Suncast Deck Box with Seat. I used 55 bids priced at 15¢ per bid. MATH: 55 x .15 = $8.25 + final price of $1.87 = TOTAL: $10.12

Won on DealDash

3 thoughts on “Review of my First DealDash Experience    

  1. marysbear

    What a deal! I too love DealDash, its variety of products, ease of use and the knowledge that I am dealing with a company I trust. .

  2. goodhorsekeeper

    Great article. I want to win one of those. I remember when I started in 2012 I won 3 items (small) in a week.
    then the rest was here for all of us to enjoy !! : Bid with your head, not over it” “horsekeeper”

  3. Bill Reed

    I, too, love the site! You might say that I am totally addicted! Good thing about this addiction is that I’ve never had a hangover from it! Happy bidding to you!!!!! MRROSCOE1

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