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Find Out Which DealDash Newbie Wins Auctions

While bidding on DealDash these past few days I arrived at some new conclusions about the newbie bidder and wondered how the experienced bidders, including myself, would categorize them.

The traditional newbie no longer describes a new bidder who just joined and is trying to win items for a “deal”. I have found their are different types of newbie bidders and have therefore come up with more specific names for the newbie bidders that we may all recognize.

OMG Newbie – This is the new bidder who actually thinks by slapping all of the other auction participants who have the bid buddy set will win him/her an auction. When I say “slapping” I mean immediately outbidding the other bidder without letting the clock count down. These bidders also have no state declared or bios filled out, which shows they have not taken the time to build their profile. I find these newbie bidders also have no clue what a Bid Buddy is all about.

Are you kidding me? Newbie – This is the person who slaps continuously sometimes up to a $3.00 auction price and is still busily bidding. How long does it take someone to realize the same names keep bidding against you and that others have their BidBuddies booked? As a new bidder to DealDash, please take the time to learn about the BidBuddy and how it works. The majority of auctions are won with the BidBuddy and it will help you conserve your bids.

Did you read anything at all? Newbie – This is the bidder who bought bids, starts bidding on all auctions that are open, slaps everyone who bids against them and will write scathing articles about how unfair penny auction sites are. An uninformed bidder is more likely to have a bad experience. Learn how the auctions work and benefit from the free bids and ways to get your bids back in case you lose an auction. DealDash is not just a bid to win it auction site, it’s also a fun shopping site!

Knowledgable Newbie – This is my favorite type of new bidder on DealDash. You can tell this new person has done some homework, read tips on how to bid, and will soon see “Congratulations” on the auction page. This person uses the isolated view of the auctions, recognizes how often everyone else is bidding and who has dropped out. I appreciate these new bidders the most and look forward to bidding in auctions against them. They will have more wins more often and will be respected for their playing skills.

Welcome to DealDash, Knowledgable Newbie, may you prosper too!

By Joan Vith

New to DealDash Newbie

5 thoughts on “Find Out Which DealDash Newbie Wins Auctions

  1. Sylvia Williams

    Well said!! Lately it seems I’ve been bidding against a lot of OMG Newbies. It takes the fun out of the auction. But now I cancel my bid buddy and wait until they’re done – then I get back in.

  2. Marelen Tesalona

    Well put! If only everyone just starting dealdash would take the time to learn how to bid and what’s most effective. You bid and you learn I guess…

  3. Julie

    This is definitely not something to join and just jump in without doing some homework. While it may be fun, it certainly isn’t fiscally responsible!

  4. Jay Emmitt

    Really enjoyed this article. Was a newbie once…like everyone was…however never did any slapping!! Before I ever placed a bid, I watched what was going on,read comments that were in the profile part of the bid site…and realized that slapping or stomping on bids was not the way to go. Really enjoyed this article.

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