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Why I Will Play DealDash TO_THE_END

Hello my name is Fausto, also known as TO_THE_END on DealDash. I honestly think that DealDash is the BEST auction site I have ever used! You can save a lot of money on the items if you wait for the right time, and compete for the items you really like and want.

When you play DealDash, in the case you lose the deal, you can just buy it at regular price and receive your bids back. With this option, you will have nothing to lose in the end.

The other day I just won a $200 dollar ladder for 43 cents and an $80 Dolce and Gabbana bottle of perfume for $6. There are plenty more items you can get for the right price if you have the patience to play smart. Playing on DealDash has allowed me to receive items I never thought I was able going to afford, but DealDash is a Miracle worker!

I just think back on all of those times I came home and saw those packages waiting for me on my front door. I remember this one time I opened a package I was the most excited about, a brand new TV which only cost me $48! Now that’s a deal. I have also won a NOOK, a vacuum, laptops, iPads, and many kitchen utensils. In fact, everything I need for a kitchen, I got it on DealDash. Not to mention they have free shipping on every item you win! They also give you plenty of free bids with special offers.

**Remember** If you’re a beginner, please start with the smaller items then work your way up to the larger items after you have become a more experienced player. 

My daughters are extremely obsessed with the nook and iPads we’ve received. Also, thanks to DealDash my closet was filled with Christmas gifts this year. Not to mention that DealDash also has amazingly kind customer service. If you’re looking for a really fun way to shop, come join the thousands of us on DealDash!


Rachael Ray Ramekins


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