DealDash has possibly the most up to date and well-made line of products anywhere. I just love bidding on kitchen items. One of the best product lines is the Paula Deen cookware.

Ok, so Paula Deen has had some issues, but who hasn’t? Some people just get into the spotlight more than others. I personally believe she just got caught in the middle more so than others have. That does not have anything to do with the quality of her brand. The line of red cookware is not only functional it is also very pretty to look at. I leave the red kettle on my stove at all times. One does need a splash of color!

Paula Dean Teakettle Deal

Won for $8.68 on DealDash!

I also have two of her 2 quart saucepans, the 5.5 quart casserole, and her paring knives. I liked the paring knives so much (which comes with all 3 knives each in their own case) that I got another set for my girlfriend for her birthday.

Paula Deen Pairing Knives Deal

Won for $9.52 on DealDash!

Sometimes you want to shop. Sometimes you want to save some money. Sometimes you are bored and have nothing to do. Sometimes you want to play a game. Sometimes you have no earthly idea what to do with yourself. For all of these there is a solution – DealDash!

At some point in the last two years that I have been bidding on Deal Dash I have frequently fallen into one of these categories or possibly a combination of them. The most important aspect of any reason to bid on Deal Dash (and I believe this happens most of the time) is that it is fun. Bidding on DealDash is very fun almost each and every time.  Deals…you bet. Cool products…you bet. Uses up free time…you bet. If I wasn’t writing this I would be bidding! It’s just a lot of fun and a different way to shop!

Browse the DealDash website and use all of the useful tips and tricks that DealDash is more than happy to give you. Deal Dash wants you to have a good time bidding and winning! The bookmark page is a very useful tool.  Look up the auctions that you would love to bid on and put those on the bookmark page. The is no maximum on how many items you can put here, but fair warning, the human in you can not keep track of too many at once. You can bookmark a few auctions that come up around the same time, and then put up a few more for later and even the next day. So bookmark a few at a time and bid til your heart’s content. Happy bidding all.


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