Flexrake Classic Set

Get Ready for Sping with the Classic Flexrake Gift Set

Being a proud homeowner requires a lot of hard work in the spring and summer to keep your outdoor areas landscaped, pruned and clean. Thanks to the Flexrake, the job will easier.

When winter ends this year there will be a lot of debris from the snow and blowing of items around our yards. Picking up the debris and getting our shrubs and trees pruned back will be a challenge. When DealDash offered the Classic Flexrake gift set which includes a four-piece set of pruners and knife with heavy wood handles, and sharp forged steel blades, I knew this was something I was going to want for my yard work.

Flexrake manufactures quality landscaping equipment and tools for all types of users. An individual homeowner who maintains their yard will find these hand-crafted tools to be a definite asset. When I received the set I was impressed with the weight of the items. I have purchased pruners so often I can’t count them. Always disappointed, I was anxious to receive these and test them in my yard this spring. One of the best things about shopping on DealDash is finding items that are not in your scope of experience. The quality of these hand tools and the 5-year guarantee makes them a bonus find for me.

Reading some reviews from previous buyers and users, I feel confident I made a wise decision trying to win this 4-piece set. While I was not successful winning auction for these tools, the buy-it-now feature is always available so I used this option to get the tools plus all my bids back. As always shipping items from DealDash is always free and fast, I wish spring would come as fast! But, the items are ready when spring does arrive and I am looking forward to trying out the new Flexrake Classic set.

While the auctions are not always to win, their buy it now option allowing a user to get all of their bids back for free is a great advantage.  Thanks DealDash for offering quality items in your auctions!

Flexrake Classic Set


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