Magisso’s Ice Bucket

The Magisso products really are designer pieces that can be showcased in anyone’s kitchen or dining room.  Made in Finland,  the unique styling offers the owner an opportunity to show their good taste in design.

Magisso’s ice bucket is one of particular interest to me. It has a unique finish that allows the owner to write in chalk across the face of the bucket. The message can be erased and another one written for your next occasion.

MagissoFurthermore, along with the other Naturally Cooling Ceramic barware the Magisso ice bucket can be chilled by running cold water over it for a couple of minutes. This will keep your ice ready for your summer beverages or keep your bottled water cold on a warm summer day. You really cannot appreciate how attractive Magisso’s ice bucket is until you see it yourself. The design of the lid with the crease in the top for your tongs to fit in is unique as well. Once again, DealDash has given their bidders an opportunity to own exceptional items through their auction site.


I had been looking at the auctions for the Magisso ice buckets for a week or so when I decided the time was right to try to win one of the auctions. I actually tried a few times to win the ice bucket for my daughter. She entertains a lot in the spring and summer and she has not had a nice ice bucket for a couple of summers. This was going to be a surprise gift for her. Since the Magisso ice bucket is expensive I was not going to try to use the Buy-it-Now option. So, after two attempts and not winning the auction, I was successful on my third try. I won the auction for a selling price of only $1.47! I was so excited to win and could not wait to receive my package.

Unfortunately, the shipper was not as careful as they should have been and my item arrived in pieces. I was really upset and contacted customer service about returning the ice bucket and getting a new one.  As has been my previous experience I heard from customer service right away, they sent me a return shipping label to be used on the package. In this particular case I needed to pay the shipping to return the item and they would send me another Magisso ice bucket. However, when I returned the item as instructed and sent DealDash a copy of my shipping receipt. Not only have I received the new item, but I also received a refund for my shipping costs. How can someone not be happy with DealDash and their excellent customer service?

I have written blogs regarding the customer service at DealDash since I had some issues with other auction sites. Since I have been a DealDash bidder since 2012, I haven’t had an occasion where the DealDash Customer Service was not exceptional.