Thin King

Thin King keeps your cards secure

DealDash has a way of providing innovative items before you are even aware they are available!  Somehow the development staff has a way of finding new products to offer for auction on DealDash before a customer even knows such an item exists.  This is especially true of the Thin King.

Thin King is a case for credit/debit or ID cards, or other similarly sized cards. It is lightweight and holds up to 4 cards. The design is stylish and appropriate for both men and women to carry.

Thin King

Recently on a local Chicago network, a special investigative report showed the latest technology thieves were using to scan credit, debit and ID cards with electronic devices. This was most newsworthy since all consumers have been on alert about identity theft, and breaches of secure systems when you are using your credit/debit and ID cards for purchases and health care. Huge health care providers have had their health care records breached and millions of people are at risk of having their personal information used by scam artists.

When I saw the auction for the Thin King card cases on DealDash, I knew this was something I would want to have. The anodized aluminum on this Thin King blocks RFID scanners and Skimmers from penetrating to personal information on your debit, credit and ID cards. Knowing this is the best way to prevent theft of my personal information I immediately tried to bid on these card holders.

Thin King

First I tried to win the silver Thin King, which is quite eye catching, but unfortunately I was not successful. I was determined to win one so I tried again, this time on the case that appeared to be black in color. I won the auction and was thrilled to get it at a 50% off on the won value! The card case arrived a few days ago and I was impressed with the color, it is not a bland black but an attractive color that fits well in my purse. I am able to put my three cards into the case and I have started using this immediately. I liked this so much that I bid on another auction, this was silver, and I was able to win the silver one too. I am giving this to my son-in-law for his use. He travels much more than I do and I know he will be grateful to have a Thin King.

Thin King

The Volver Thin King is made of anodized aluminum and has a coating to help prevent discoloration and makes it super strong. Moreover, the inside of the case is designed such that it allows you to keep only one card inside and not be afraid of having it fall out. The coating, aluminum, and insides keep the cards protected and the magnetic strip on the backs are not affected in any way. Again, a great product from DealDash and something all consumers can use.

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