Small Appliance Wins at DealDash

When I first started at DealDash nearly two years ago, I was very interested in winning items that were easy to obtain.  I didn’t try for the high ticket items often and I was happy  in my world.

What I’ve learned in the two years is how easy it is to win these small appliances, and if you don’t win it by the time the auction hits $1.00, it won’t sell for less than a dollar so back out.  It’s that simple.  If you want to win this toaster for about .50 cents and it doesn’t close by then, it’s time to go, there are always more toasters to come.

dd buff cookIn fact, kitchen items are very popular and I have decked my entire kitchen with deals from DealDash and they were all less than $5.00.  There are a couple of items I didn’t win , but I bid to the retail price, and if I don’t win I will BIN. BIN stands for “Buy It Now” and DealDash has a very generous offer to those who don’t win an auction they are bidding in.  At any time during the auction you can click the “buy it now” tab and simple pay for the item, here comes the good part, DealDash will give you every bid you used in the auction back!  Who does that? The answer is NO ONE!

under 200 blenderI haven’t been to another site that gives you all your bids back, you might get a consolation pack of 10 bids, but big deal!  DealDash will give you all your bids back, so you used 1000 bids, and that was way too many and you have a lot invested in the auction, back out, buy it and get 1000 bids back every day, any time!

dd jerkyThere are all types of kitchen items you can win for only a few bids and it’s not rocket science to see that if you know the average selling price is $8.00 and now the auction is up to $12.00, there may be no end in sight.  The exception to that is it’s around 8 dollars and down to you and the other guy, I don’t really have to tell you, but stay involved! Back out of other auctions if you have to.  Not everyone will agree that if you are one of two that it’s a done-deal and there is sure to be a jumper, but I disagree with that philosophy. You can always back out later if someone jumps in.  A jumper is someone who waits until all the early bidders have used 100’s of bids and then they jump in hoping to swoop in and win with 50 bids, well that just doesn’t work for me, if you jump me I will most likely add hundreds of bid, because if you are a jumper, chances are you don’t have many bids to begin with.

fav waveDon’t let a stomper or a jumper get in the way of a really good deal, if your low priced item doesn’t close for a few cents, then back out, the next one is right around the corner.  You can even use the “Alert Me” tab and have DealDash alert you when the item will be on the market again.  Another way to find out is to type the item title into the search bar, you will see all the best deals on the item, and when it will be on the market again.

dd cuisinart toasterYou can definitely stock your entire kitchen with small appliances for a fraction of the cost of the big box stores and you never had to leave your home.  You can’t win them all so BIN when you can and get your bids back.  DealDash doesn’t like to see it’s players go away empty-handed, so any time at all you are wishing you had your bids back, you can! Use the Buy It Now option and thank your lucky stars that DealDash also offers FREE SHIPPING!!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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