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Like many Americans, you probably have some sort of pet, be it a kitty, dog, bunny, or reptile. DealDash wants to help you keep your pets safe over the holidays.

December is here and the Christmas season is in full swing, from the music on the radio, to the decorations, to the baking, and the present wrapping. Which one of these activities doesn’t match the other? The music! Do you know why? Because all of the other activities can be harmful to pets. Let’s go through the other activities, and I will explain why they can be harmful to pets, and what you can do to help keep your pets out of danger.

Decorations – Decorations can be dangerous to pets, especially dogs and cats, because they are prone to playing with them, chewing them, and sometimes accidentally ingesting them. Playing with your plastic or cloth decorations shouldn’t be too much of a problem, if if you have fragile glass ornaments or snow globes, keep them out of the reach of your pets. One wrong move and they could shatter the glass, hurting themselves in the process. You also need to be very careful that your pets don’t ingest any tinsel from your tree. If you have a pet that you know can’t resist tinsel, maybe you should substitute a garland instead.

Baking – Baking itself isn’t too dangerous for your pet, as long as they don’t touch any metal pans while they are still hot. However, chocolate can be extremely harmful, and in some cases even fatal for dogs. If your dog just has a small taste you will probably just end up with a mess to clean, but if they accidentally have a large amount you should call your vet. Remember, your pet is counting on you to keep them safe.

Present wrapping – Present wrapping is another activity that sounds relatively innocuous but can be a danger to pets. Why? Because if a cat or dog accidentally swallows any present-wrapping ribbon it can get caught in their intestines and cause a bowel obstruction. It’s a relatively rare occurrence, but please keep it in mind when you are wrapping your presents this year.

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