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If you’re thinking of getting a new pet, please consider getting a rescued pet instead of purchasing one. It’s the kinder solution.

When you are preparing to get a new pet there are various places to get them – online, the newspaper, a pet store, a rescue group, a friend, or an animal shelter. All of these are viable options, of course, but the kindest thing that you could do is adopt a homeless pet from a shelter or rescue group.

If you’re wondering why you should adopt a rescued pet instead of buying one from the pet store, the biggest reason is that you’ll be saving their life! It’s sad to think about, but every year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States. It’s because too many pets come into shelters and there is limited space.

Luckily for some animals, there are places called “No-Kill” shelters, and they are exactly that – they don’t euthanize any of the animals that they get, with a few exceptions. If they receive an animal that is very old and sick and doesn’t have a very good quality of life due to those factors they might euthanize him, or if an animal has shown to be aggressive towards humans. However, that isn’t usually the case, so most of the animals that they get live long lives in their kennels, until someone adopts them.

It’s great for the animal that is being adopted, and it’s great for you as well. There are many health benefits to owning a pet. Cats can lower your stress levels by being a low-key cuddle partner, and dogs can help you get more active with daily walks. Some of the other benefits of adopting a dog or cat from a rescue group or a shelter are:

  • Most either come spayed or neutered already, or come with a certificate to have it done
  • All come with vaccinations
  • Some are even microchipped
  • The cost is significantly less, though most shelters and groups have a small fee to adopt
  • You’ll be saving your pets life, as well as opening up another spot at the shelter to save another animal’s life

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