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At the mention of vinegar you may think, “Eww, that stuff smells so horrible!”Then, perhaps you might find yourself starting to crave pickles. Mmm…pickles. Well, vinegar is good for more than turning cucumbers into a crunchy, juicy, and delicious snack. Let DealDash tell you about a few of the many uses of vinegar in the home.

Vinegar is an extremely versatile product that can be used for many things such as:

  • Cooking (of course!)
  • Medicinal use
  • Beauty and skincare product
  • All-natural cleaner and more

How Great is Vinegar?

You would think such an awesome and useful product would be pricey, but vinegar is CHEAP! At just a couple bucks a gallon you can have an all-purpose, environmentally friendly cleaner replacing several of your household cleaning products. I’m going to share with you a few ways that you can you use vinegar in your household.

Cleans up after Crayola Picasso

Have your children or grandchildren decided to make the walls a canvas for their masterpiece? Don’t fret. Vinegar will clean that right up. Spray or dab some white vinegar on the crayon marks and let sit for a minute. Then using a light scrubbing motion the colored wax should come right off.

A couple of years ago my children made the worst crayon mess at Grandma’s house when my husband and I were out. We returned to poor Grandma scrubbing the walls. When I showed her the vinegar tip she was amazed.

Laundry’s Best Friend

When it comes to laundry, vinegar really carries the load. Vinegar benefits your clothes from the washer to the dryer. Adding about ½ to 1 cup of white vinegar to your clothes in the wash does several things. The vinegar helps eliminate stains, gets rid of odors, brightens the clothes, and acts as a fabric softener. In the dryer, vinegar keeps lint from attaching to your clothes and makes them static free.

Personally, I hate the feel of fabric softener sheets. I refuse to touch them unless I put a sock on my hand! However, when you use vinegar in the dryer there’s no need for them! Whew!

Keep Fido and Whiskers off the Furniture

While you may be able to train Fido to stay off the couch, Whiskers answers to no one.  To keep your pets off the furniture, all you need is a spray bottle filled with vinegar. Spray it across wherever you want the pets to steer clear. They hate the smell of vinegar.  Spraying approximately once a week should do the trick, but if you notice a more frequent need, spray every few days. The vinegar smell will fade to humans as it dries, but our animal friends will still be able to smell it for a week or so.

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