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Has anyone ever told you “don’t stress out” or “you need to have less stress”? Do you really know what stress is? Let DealDash explain it to you.

Stress is a response to a series of stimulus, good and bad. It works at an overload of tensions that alters our whole central nervous system. Sadly, in many cases, it even provokes the beginning of diseases. This is an important health topic. Please read on for more information from DealDash.

Different Types of Stress

There are 3 types of stress:


  • Acute stress


Acute stress the most common of the three types. This stress is so common because it involves things happening in the recent past and present, and the pressures of the immediate future that will come. 

This stress is typically fairly mild and can be taken care of with regular pampering sessions, exercise, lots of sleep, eating well, and other small activities. This type of stress effects pretty much everyone and is easily managed.


  • Episodic Acute Stress


Generally the episodic stress attacks people that have a chaotic life. This person wants to do all but in the end they do nothing. This type of stress can be dangerous because it is more severe and can have worse effects on the body than acute stress. This type of stress would be best managed with a little help from a doctor or psychologist.


  • Chronic stress


This is the most dangerous of the three types, it exhausts the person and it could provoke the onset of depression and anxiety. This will worsen the health of the person and once it becomes chronic, the need for treatment for the anxiety and depression is a “must have”. It is said that the chronic stress is the principal cause of suicide, heart attacks or even cancer.

Are You TOO Stressed?

Now you know what stress is and how many types of stress are. However, do you know if you suffer from stress? They are many symptoms that affect different things like:

  1. Effects on your body

You might suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, muscular ache, fatigue, or insomnia.

2. Effects on your mood

You might suffer from anxiety, lack of concentration, irritability, sadness and even depression

3. Effects on your behavior

You might suffer from a change in appetite, angry mood, consumption of tobacco or alcohol, or social anxiety

  How you should manage your stress?

It is very important to have a regular physical activity you enjoy like running or walking. You can also try breathing techniques and yoga, sleeping and eating well and try to avoid cigarettes and excess consumption of coffee and alcohol. Also, a little pampering can help as well. 

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