DealDash Veggie Planting for Beginners


Are you thinking about starting a veggie garden this year? Here are some great plants for beginners, from DealDash.

Having a garden is a wonderful hobby. Planting vegetables is one of the most popular plants to have in your garden. Sometimes it takes awhile for vegetables to grow and a strategy to help them grow. Some vegetables are perfect for planting for beginners. If you are just starting out with gardening, the following vegetables to plant are a great way to start out. Read on for more information from DealDash.


Potatoes are a fun crop to grow during the late March and February. You plant potatoes by using a potato bag that is partly filled with some compost. When you see that the roots of the potatoes are beginning to grow, you should cover them with more compost.  Potatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow from your home. Not only are the easy to grow, they are very prolific, and you will have tons of potatoes on your hands in no time.


Peas are the perfect vegetable to grow for beginners during cooler weather. You should sow the seeds into the ground during March and June. Soon you will enjoy the delicious flavor of peas from June to August.  You will enjoy the taste of fresh peas. The more peas you pick, the better they will produce. If you would like to get your seedlings started inside, you can do that right now! If you’d like to wait a little longer and plant them outside, just wait until your ground has thawed.


Tomatoes are one of the fastest growing plants, so they are perfect for beginners.  Choose a bush such as a Cherry Cascade that can be planted in window boxes. Bush varieties do not require side-shotting or any training, so you just need to water and feed them before the tomatoes start growing. If you don’t want to grow them from seeds, no problem! Buy some baby plants from your local garden store and replant them into pots or into the ground when it gets a bit warmer out. Tomatoes are all three of my kid’s favorite veggie to grow in the summer.


Radishes are perfect for different meals such as salads, and they are easy to grow.  You can sow them directly into the ground or grow them in containers during the summertime. It is a quick growing vegetable, and it is low maintenance. Radishes are the perfect example of low effort and high yield in the veggie world.

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Growing vegetables are an easy way to start a garden. These four plants will help make your garden colorful, and you will enjoy the taste of these delicious vegetables. Put in a little work now, and enjoy delicious fresh veggies all summer.

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