DealDash Pets: Help Kids Care for a Puppy


If your kids have been begging for a puppy, this is a great time of the year to get one. Here are some handy tips from DealDash to help your kids take care of the new puppy.

Getting a puppy can be a wonderful way to help teach your kids about responsibility. There are lots of things that your kids will need to learn to properly take care of a puppy including the following ways, from DealDash.

Set Up a Place for Puppy

The puppy is going to need a place to stay. You will want to help your kids set up a place the house where the puppy can do things like eat and sleep. This way the puppy will eventually know where to go to relax and get their food and water. Consistency is good for both kids and dogs, so this is an important step in caring for the new puppy.

House Training

You will also want to get your kids on board with helping potty train the puppy. They can assist by cleaning up messes and helping to teach the puppy that it needs to go outside to go to the bathroom. This will help the kids to know that not everything is completely fun when you have a puppy. You’ll have to help younger kids, of course, but older ones should be able to do this with minimal help.

Don’t Forget to Feed Him!

Next, you will want to have your kids help to get your puppy on a feeding schedule. You should have your kids take turns feeding the puppy and getting it water so that the puppy will grow up healthy and happy. Just remind your kids not to overfeed the puppy so you do not have to worry about it becoming overweight and having health issues. You might want to set up a chart to show whose turn it is to feed and water the puppy. They can check it off after they feed and water him so that everyone will know that he does not need any more food.

Exercising and Playing

Playing with the puppy is also something that your kids will want to do. You need to teach your kids not to play too rough with the puppy even though the puppy might be a little rough with them. They need to know that the puppy is still growing and can get hurt easily so when playing everyone needs to be careful.

In addition to playing, you will need to show your kids how to take the puppy for a walk. For younger kids, the “walk” could even just be outside in your backyard. It will teach both child and puppy how to use the leash.

Thanks for Reading

Getting a puppy can be a big responsibility for kids so be sure to teach them all that they need to know so that they can help bring up a happy and healthy puppy.

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