DealDash Frugal: Organize Those Coupons!


Being frugal can be fun when you use coupons. Here are some tips to keep things organized, from DealDash.

Coupons, if used wisely, can really assist in saving money on things like groceries. One problem many couponers run into that stops them from saving as much as they can is not having their coupons organized. Here are some ways you can keep your coupons neat and tidy, from DealDash.

Sort by Expiration

One thing that you should do to get your coupons organized is to sort them by expiration date. That way you will be able to know what coupons should be used when. Nothing would be worse than counting on savings from coupons only to find out that they have expired. You might want to consider writing the expiration date on them a little bigger or putting a sticky note on them with the expiration date. Sometimes the dates are very hard to read at a glance because they are so small.

Put them in a Binder Book

Getting a book to organize your coupons should be your next step. You should get a binder that is a workable size with clear pages so that you can easily access your coupons. This binder should one that easily take with you when you go shopping. Being frugal, you might want to wait until the “Back to School” sale at the store to get your binder. Until then you can just keep them in an envelope.

Sort them Often

You will want to sort through your coupons every so often so that you can get rid of any of them that may have expired. Again, this is so you do not run into a situation where you are counting on savings only to be disappointed  by expired coupons. Personally, I like to give my coupons a quick check every Sunday when I put the new ones in and take out the ones that I plan on using that day for my grocery shopping.

The Benefits of Coupon Organization

You will find that there are a great many benefits to keeping your coupons organized. First of you will be leaving good organizational skills. You will also be saving money of course and you can even turn your coupon collecting into a money making opportunity by doing things like teaching couponing classes. You can also do your kids a favor by teaching them this very useful skill.

Thanks for Reading

Organizing your coupons is the first step in maximizing your savings and learning more about a very useful skill. Couponing with a little effort is actually a rather simple skill to learn. You should be sure to organize your coupons before your next shopping trip to be able to have the simplest time possible using your coupons.

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