DealDash Kids: Still Time for Summer Camp


We are deep into summer, but there are new summer camps starting every week. It’s not too late! Here are some reasons why your child might enjoy a week of camp before school starts.

With so much to do over the summer, why should your child consider summer camp? There are actually many great reasons for your child to consider this opportunity including the following reasons, from DealDash.

Learn New Skills

Your child will learn many new skills. You can send them to a theater camp or cooking camp or sport camp – the possibilities are really endless here. Personally, when I was a kid, I went to computer camp. No matter which camp you choose, it will put them into a position to learn something new while having some fun along the way. Many of these specialized camps are only one or two weeks long, so you still have time to at least get a week in of camp before school starts.

Make New Friends

Your child will also have the chance to make new friends. You will give them the chance for meeting kids around their age that have similar interests. They will be able to keep in touch with their new friends after camp through letters and email. Summer camp is a wonderful way to make some lifetime friends. I actually know a married couple in their 30’s who met at summer camp as children! What are the odds?

No More “I’m Borrrrred!” at Home

Another great benefit to summer camp is that they are already being entertained at the camp. You do not have to worry about getting your child in additional activities. Your child won’t be bored at home while you are at work or having them fight with their siblings. You will be able to rest easy knowing that your child is safe and enjoying their time at camp.

Leave it to the Staff

You will also find that the staff at summer camp are extremely good role models. They would definitely be people that you would feel great about your kids looking up to them. So if you are looking to make sure that you kids are supervised by some wonderful people you should have your child consider going to summer camp. If your kids go to the same camp next year there is a good chance that at least a few of the same staff will be working. 

Thanks for Reading

These are really just a few of the great reasons that your child should consider summer camp. With all the fun and learning that they can do it would be a wonderful opportunity for them to take advantage of for the summer. Entertaining your kids during the summer is an easy task when you send them to camp!

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