DealDash Health: Stick to Your Healthy Eating Resolution


A resolution to eat healthier this year is a great idea. Here are some tips from DealDash to stick to your healthy eating resolution.

New Years is approaching quickly, and now is the perfect time to make some changes in your life. There are many New Year’s resolutions that people come up with every year. One of the most popular resolutions is eating healthier. Sticking to a New Year’s resolution can be a bit of a challenge especially when it comes to your diet. Here are some tips to stick to your healthy eating goal for the new year, from DealDash.

Cut Back on Sugar

Cutting back on sugar can be hard because many people are addicted to sugar. Normally we eat 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day! Can you believe that?! Why not start out the New Year’s with a healthier relationship with sugar? Luckily, you can still make tasty foods without sugar. There is plenty of sugar-free stuff you can eat such as sugar-free candy, jello, or cake. The best thing to do is to slowly wean yourself off of sugar. Going “cold turkey” can make this resolution much more difficult, so weaning yourself off of added sugar over the next few weeks will make it easier.

Eat More Vegetables (With Help From DealDash)

Vegetables are not always the most appetizing food.  It is good to have a lot of vegetables in your diet for fiber, though. You can incorporate vegetables into your diet in many ways. The best way to add vegetables into your diet is in a casserole or a pasta sauce. You are adding delicious ingredients that will help soften the taste of vegetables. Roasting vegetables such as cauliflower with a little salt will also give you some flavor.

Using a food processor to liquify vegetables is a great way to sneak in some extra veggies every day. When I make pasta sauce, meatloaf, lasagna, or soup, I always liquify some zucchini squash and mushrooms and stir it into the mixtures that I make. The kids never realize the difference, and I can’t, either!

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Stick to an Eating Schedule

When you have an eating schedule it will be easier to stay on track with your healthy eating plan. It is best to have 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day. There are also other ways to stick to your eating plan such as intermittent fasting which puts you on a set eating schedule. Writing down your eating schedule will be the best way to stay on a healthy diet.

Thanks for Reading

Eating healthy for your New Year’s resolution is one of the best things to do for your health. These tips will help you stick to your healthy eating resolution. When you follow these tips, you will have a healthier body in 2019.

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