DealDash Decorates Fun Easter Eggs


Easter is coming soon, and decorating eggs is a fun thing to do. Here are three ways to decorate eggs for the upcoming holiday.

Easter is a fun time of year for kids. They get to go on Easter egg hunts and get Easter baskets. One of the coolest things about Easter is decorating Easter eggs. Decorating Easter eggs is a common tradition that kids do every Easter. You don’t have to use basic colors for Easter eggs. There are a lot of cool ways to decorate an Easter egg. Here are 3 cool ways to decorate an Easter egg, from DealDash.

Tie Dye Eggs

Easter is all about bright and pastel colors. You can use markers to make tie-dye designs. The best markers are sharpies. They come in many different colors, and you can help your child put their creativity to good use by creating unique patterns.

Crayon Easter Eggs

Use Crayola crayons to decorate Easter eggs. All you have to do is boil the Easter egg then put the Crayola crayons on the Easter egg while it is hot. The Crayola crayons will melt when they touch the Easter egg and you are left with a cool design. This project is suited for older kids because of the hot egg. Younger kids can help sprinkle the crayons on the egg.

Make Colorful Easter Eggs

Let your kids show their creativity by giving them a variety of supplies such as sticker dots, masking tape, crayons, and paint to make colorful eggs. You don’t need any fancy supplies to decorate these Easter eggs. Add a little pizazz to your Easter eggs by making them colorful and bright.

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Thanks for Reading

Easter is a great way to bond with your children. These 3 cool ways to decorate your Easter eggs from DealDash will entertain your kids and will create a memorable time. When you add decorating Easter eggs to your Easter tradition, your kids will have a fun time using their creativity to make colorful eggs. Don’t forget to check back here for new articles.

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