DealDash’s Ideas for an End of School Party


Kids love the end of the school year and want to celebrate. Here are some ideas from DealDash to have a great end of the school year party.

It is finally the end of the school year, and kids are getting ready to enjoy their summer. Some kids have last day of school celebrations in school. There is also a way that you can celebrate the end of the school year at home. Throwing an end of the year school party is a fun way to begin the summer break. Here are 3 ideas for having an end of the year school party, from DealDash.

Invite Friends Over

Inviting your kid’s friends over for the party is a great way to celebrate school ending. You can send out invitations or have them come over on the last day of school. Having your kids celebrate with their friends will give them a chance to see them before they go their separate ways this summer.

In our neighborhood, there are 13 elementary school kids at the bus stop, which is at the edge of a big grassy area. The parents always show up on the last day with popsicles, water balloons, squirt guns, bubbles, and other fun summer things. This impromptu party is a lot of fun for everyone and only costs a few dollars per person to set-up.

Find Fun Games on DealDash

Games are important when it comes to throwing a party for kids. You can play musical chairs, water games and other types of summer games. You can also use chalk so the kids can use their creative skills to create pictures on the concrete. Add some kid-friendly music and you will have a fun end of the year school party.

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Have Good Food

Kids love to eat. You can’t have a party for kids without food. If you are having the end of the year school party outside, you can fire up the grill and make hot dogs and hamburgers. You can also order pizza. Ice cream sundaes are also a good option. You can have the kids create their own sundaes and they can enjoy eating the ice cream sundae while playing games.

Thanks for Reading

Everyone loves the summer especially kids. These 3 tips for having an end of the year school party will help you throw a memorable party for your children. Remember that the party does not have to be perfect. Having good food, drinks, and games is all you need to have a great party with kids.

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