DealDash Ideas to Survive the Summer Heat


Summer’s here – and it’s H-O-T. Here are some ideas from DealDash to survive the summer heat.

Summer is the best season to relax and spend time with your family. Although summer is a fun season and is filled with activities, it can be hot outside. During the summer, it can be hard to stay cool, especially if you do not have any air conditioning or have to work outside. Luckily, there are some tips to help you survive the summer heat. Here are 3 tips for surviving the summer heat, from DealDash.

Stay Hydrated

When the temperatures are hot outside, make sure you drink an 8-ounce glass of water each hour to keep your body cool and hydrated. Try to drink a glass of water or bottle with every meal to keep your body flowing with water. If you do not like the plain taste of water, you can buy flavored or carbonated water. You can also try adding some fresh fruit to your water bottle. Try a slice of orange, grapefruit, or cucumber for some lightly flavored water.

Avoid Dark Colored Clothing

When you wear dark colored clothing such as black or navy, it can make you hotter. Dark colors are known to absorb the heat. Lightweight clothes that are also a lighter color will keep you cool during the summer. It is also best to avoid long-sleeved shirts. If you are at home or on the beach, you can wear less clothing. When you are trying on clothing, try to find clothes that are flowy and less restricted. 

Rest in the Shade

When it is scorching hot outside, you should spend no longer than 30-40 minutes outside. If you have to be outside, it is best to rest in a shaded area. You can sit under an umbrella or tree. When areas do not have shade, make sure you bring an umbrella, tent or sit in your car with the windows down (or up, with the AC on!). 

Supplies to Beat the Heat from DealDash

You can bid on some excellent items to help beat the summer heat. For example, you might get a personal umbrella to carry around, or a larger one to use as shade for the whole family. Click here for umbrellas. If you don’t have central AC in your home you will definitely want to get a portable AC unit. Click here for AC units. Of course, the best way to beat the heat is with a pool! Click here to see the pools that DealDash offers.

Thanks for Reading

The summertime is the best time to relax and enjoy the weather. These tips will help you survive the hot temperatures. When you use these tips, you will enjoy your summer while feeling nice and cool.

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