DealDash Tips to Organize Outdoor Toys


Organizing your kid’s outdoor toys doesn’t have to be hard. DealDash has some great tips to help.

When the weather is warmer, kids like to play outside. You plan playdates with their friends, and they can bring all of their toys. Outside toys can be hard to organize; you can easily find them laying around your yard. You may feel overwhelmed by all of your kid’s outdoor toys. Here are 3 ways to organize outdoor toys, from DealDash.

Use Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets are one of the best things to use to organize your kid’s outdoor toys. They have plenty of room, and you can carry them anywhere. Try to keep at least three laundry baskets outside in your garage if you have one. They can put their small outdoor toys in the laundry basket. Using a basket will help keep your child’s outdoor toys organized. You can get very inexpensive laundry baskets at any big box store. You might want to try cloth laundry baskets – you can even put them in the washing machine if they get too grungy!

Hang a Milk Crate

Milk crates are not just used to store milk. You can use milk crates to store your kid’s outdoor toys. Such as bats, baseballs, and bubbles. A milk crate can protect your kid’s toys from the rain. If you don’t have a milk crate, you can find old crates and hang them on the fence. They also sell them at big box stores in the home section. You will not feel stressed out when you use milk crates because everything will be in one spot.

Create a Storage Shed

A storage shed is an excellent place to hold your kid’s outdoor toys. You can store your child’s bikes and scooters in the shed. Creating shelves for smaller toys is also a good way to store toys. You can build a few racks to hold basketballs and rackets. A storage shed will help you keep your toys nice and tidy. Storage sheds can be expensive, but they will give you peace of mind when you look at your nice clean toy-free deck and garage.

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Thanks for Reading

Kids love to play during the summertime. These tips will help you keep your child’s outdoor toys organized. When you use these tips, your yard will be free from clutter. These ideas will help you stay on track while creating a clean and organized space for playtime. Also, keep in mind organizing your kid’s toys does not have to be a daunting task. Follow these tips and your kid’s toys will be organized in no time. Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article!

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