Have you tried the DealDash Marketplace?

Wooohoo!!! Deal Dash has out done themselves this time! What if I told you… You can now play on DealDash.com and never buy bids again!!! What if you could not only bid on the things you wanted in the traditional way but also sell and buy items for specific prices or in this case bids!! Now for the first time ever on a penny auction site you can list items for a determined amount of bids to sell in the “MARKETPLACE”. Marketplace

Listing is simple! Just a title, description and number of bids you want for the item. Sellers must ship  — Read full post

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How to Win a DealDash Auction on a Limited Budget

Hello Deal Dashers!

When I am on Deal Dash I see so many people from different regions and also different financial backgrounds. Some are business owners, some are retired, housewives & husbands. Some are on fixed incomes and take what they can afford to buy some bids in hopes of winning. While I observe the patterns and read the bios of many, it came to me how to win a DealDash auction on a limited budget.

One way to do this is watch for those great deals and buy bids when discounted at 15 cents. Buy what bids you  — Read full post

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Is My Privacy Protected on DealDash.com?

Hello DealDashers, I am back to answer yet another question for you today about DealDash.  This is very important to know for all DealDashers, so I hope you take this question seriously. “Is My Privacy Protected?”. 

Actually DealDash does a pretty good job in keeping your privacy protected.  They do not allow you to directly contact other bidders on their website.  People cannot post random comments during the auctions.  People cannot lookup your account information and DealDash does not share your email or other personal information.

Here you can read more about DealDash’s privacy policy: http://www.dealdash.com/privacy-policy

So is your  — Read full post


My Furry Family Loves DealDash

As an animal lover, I am always looking for things I can use at home to make our pets more comfortable. DealDash has many items listed for pet friendly bidders such as myself. Having three dogs and 2 cats, I am always looking for pet items.Won on DealDash.com

I saw The 57-Inch Cat Tree in Ivory coming up in an auction and I knew I had to try and win that for my 2 sister cats. I tried a couple of times before finally winning it for 18.19. To view the auction I won just click here. It was bigger that  — Read full post


The Marketplace – A New DealDash feature!

DealDash has continued to expand and today that includes
“The Marketplace”

What is “The Marketplace”?

It’s a place to Earn FREE BIDS while selling things you no longer need.  

It reminds me of a flea market but instead of walking around for hours looking at all the things for sale, its online… Everything up for grabs is in one convenient place and easy to see.   It is a place where buyers and sellers come together to negotiate a price (In Bids) for items that are New or Gently used and no longer needed. 

When you shop at the Marketplace, everything  — Read full post