DealDash Conquers Playroom Organization


Keeping the playroom neat and clean can be tricky. Here are some ideas from DealDash to help.

It can be difficult to keep any room organized but knowing that your children are going to pull a toy out only to play with it for 5 minutes and move on to the next can be maddening. If your kids are school-age they can be a big part of the cleaning and organization. Here are some suggestions from DealDash to make (and keep) the playroom clean.

Get some help

Firstly, kids love to play games. Set up your playroom so that cleaning up can be a game. Consider using plastic containers to hold most toys. Also, you can encourage your child to pretend they’re playing basketball as they toss toys into the appropriate container. Additionally, you can also make it a race to see how fast they can clean up. They’ll always need your help but getting them involved in the process will relieve a lot of stress. I’ve found that using numbered bins can be helpful as well.

Know what toys to keep

The truth is, every kid has toys that they don’t use. All of us are guilty of allowing the playroom to get a little too cluttered. Also, rather than trying to organize toys that are never getting used, try donating them. Spend a few weeks focusing on what your child plays with and consider giving the toys that aren’t touched to a local charity or even a family member. Additionally, if you are having trouble deciding, try putting a few toys away in a bin in the closet. If they don’t ask for those toys after a few weeks then you can be pretty sure the toys won’t be missed.

Ziplocs are your friend

Next, it may not look as pretty as you’d like, but I love using Ziploc baggies to help organize my space. They’re perfect for all those odd sized toys (Legos), easy to label, and can fit just about anywhere.

An Imperfect space

Finally, it’s important to realize that you’re if you expect things to be perfect, you’re only going to stress yourself out. So, maybe you don’t need to plan every inch of the room. It’s still helpful to have designated areas. Try setting up a shelf for all your board games. If you don’t like the Ziploc idea we mentioned, try putting all of the Legos in small containers.

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Thanks for Reading

The key to organization is to find something manageable. If the perfect organization requires 12 hours per week, you’re going to burn out and it won’t work. Moderation and realistic expectations are key. Use these ideas and keep the amount of cleaning to a minimum and playing to a maximum!

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