DealDash Gets Creative With Chili 


Chili is perfect for a winter meal. Here are some ideas from DealDash to get creative with your chili.

Chili is one of those go-to meals that people love when it’s cold outside. I like to think outside the box with my chili. I try to take advantage of the mix of flavors to make the food a little healthier. The best part is, my family doesn’t even realize it! Read on for some helpful tips from DealDash.

Try something Heart-Healthy

Most people don’t think about how much fat goes into a bowl of chili. Using the “typical” ground beef that people buy, you could have as much as 10 grams of fat per cup. Switching to ground turkey can cut that to about 6 grams of fat per cup. I realize that doesn’t sound like much, but let’s be honest, how many people eat a cup of chili? Everyone in my family has a habit of going back for more!

If you’re really stuck on the idea of having ground beef, look at the lean mixes. You can find ground beef that is 97% lean and only 3% fat. Another great idea is to try using venison. It’s one of my favorites!

Sneak in some vegetables

Chili is the perfect food for disguising new vegetables inside. Everyone knows that you can add corn or carrots to your chili without your child even noticing. You can also try adding something like different types of zucchini or squash. Generally, the number of ingredients can hide most textures or flavors that a picky eater would take issue with. Simply blend them up in your food processor and add them to the chili while it’s cooking.

Find something new

Chili is good for hiding anything, not just vegetables. Are you worried that your family won’t like whole-wheat pasta? Go ahead and add it into your chili; they’ll never know! The sauce may even cover up the color of the noodles. Thinking about trying a new cheese? You can spread a bit of that on the chili too. The texture of goat cheese seems to disappear inside of a bowl of chili.

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Thanks for Reading the Blog

Chili is one of my favorite meals to make. Whether you make it on the stove or in a crockpot, it’s so simple. It’s also a very forgiving meal. If you want to try a new technique or a new idea, chili will let you test it out without being perfect.

Now that you’re in the mood for chili, check out the kitchen auctions on DealDashVisit DealDash now to see what’s new in the Kitchen and Dining category. Thanks for reading and happy bidding, everyone!




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