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Have you seen

Have you seen This is a new blog website dedicated to providing penny auction bidders with strategies and tips specifically for The site is just getting started and there have not been many posts just yet, however the quality of the content posted has been in depth and useful.

For instance the first post DealDash Demystified aka “to make DealDash less mysterious” is a great introduction post which breaks down what DealDash is, what a penny auction is and what it means to be a pay-per bid. There are several great screen shots to display how the site  — Read full post


DealDash Customers Blog Here!

As you may have noticed the blog posts you see on this site are written by real DealDash customers that have been bidding, winning and shopping on DealDash for several months and even years. This blog site is a compilation of different stories and tips from these customers sharing tips and recommendations so that You may have a better bidding and shopping experience on DealDash.

Here are a few different blog entries you may have missed but are worth the read! If you’d like to share some bidding tips and contribute to this blog, please feel welcome to email  — Read full post


DealDash vs Quibids and other Penny Auction Sites

DealDash Vs Penny AuctionsI started bidding on in September 2012. I had never bid on an auction site before, but I really wanted to try it out. I saw an ad for the site come up on my Facebook page so I clicked the link and began to read all about DealDash. I finally took the plunge and began bidding. Well after I won my first auction and was hooked. I then decided I wanted to see what other auction sites were all about, so I clicked on a couple others. I went to Quibids and Zbiddy. Both were hard to understand  — Read full post

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Big or Small… DealDash has Deals!

Hello fellow bidders. Some people feel that they are wasting their time bidding on the “small stuff.” Well, it is extremely difficult to win the big stuff…believe me, it is pure luck. Okay, so it’s luck on all of it, but the big stuff is a lot more luck. I see a lot of the same bidders on every large ticket item, including bid packs, on the page.

I’m here to tell you that a deal is a deal, no matter how big or small the item may be. I have won a lot of smaller items and only one  — Read full post

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DealDash Bios and Bid Buddies

I have been watching and bidding again this week and continue to see the newcomers with intimidating names and bios that are supposed to scare away other bidders. The bios really don’t mean much to serious bidders. I have been bidding on DealDash for over a year now and know very few of the threatening names and/or bios are serious. The “I won’t quit” and “You might as well buy it now, I put 1000 bids on this auction” are just a few of the bios written by bidders who DO quit and who DON’T have 1000 bids on the  — Read full post