DealDash Review and Understanding Winning Auctions

DealDash in review – understanding and winning auctions

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DealDash Customer Guest Blogger

By Joan Vith

I’m a grandma of two boys, who are my pride and joy, and a retired HR Specialist currently working as a volunteer manager at a non-profit. I have been playing penny auctions since 2011 as it lets me enjoy being competitive and win. You don’t get those opportunities at work or being a spectator of sporting events.

Before you jump in too fast and think you can win an iPad for $5 or TV for $10 just like that, you need to understand how the auctions work and how the deals are made.  I hope that with my DealDash review, you can understand how it really works. When I first started out on, I made a lot of mistakes as a penny auction “newbie” but what fun I have had since.

It’s real – this is how bidding and winning on works

After learning the ropes, (I wasn’t fortunate enough to have deal dash reviews to look at) I’ve been lucky enough to win a fair share of auctions for myself and family. My friends no longer question if it’s a scam or too good to be true.

You need to buy bids before you can play. DealDash often has sales where bids are only 20 to 15¢ each. For $50 you can sometimes get as many as 300 Bids, way below the normal price of 60¢. Some other sites charge up to 75¢ per bid so you get more bids for your money on Deal Dash.

For example: I won a $50 TJX gift card after using only 10 bids which I bought for 15¢ each. So in total I paid $1.50 for my bids and the final auction sales price which was $2.88. So in total that’s just $4.38 for a $50 gift card!

Sometimes you might use a lot of bids in an auction but not come out as the winner, which can be disappointing. However, perhaps the best thing about DealDash is that if you don’t win you can get your bids back. No matter how many bids you place, you can always use the “Buy it Now” as a backup plan and get the item for its normal price. When you do this DealDash returns all your bids back for free!

DealDash Offers Free Shipping

Shipping at DealDash is ALWAYS free. No matter how big or small the item is you never have to pay for shipping. Shipping is also very fast. I won an HP OfficePro printer, for only $12.74 and received it in TWO days. I was delighted to see it waiting outside my door when I got home from work! What a thrill it was to win the printer!

Free Bids and Promotions

DealDash offers promotions all week long. These promotions can be for free bids, sales on bid packages, and free auction prices to the winner. The promotions happen so quickly you must really pay attention every day to make sure you are making the most of your auction experience. Sometimes on the weekends DealDash offers 300-400 auctions that all start at once! How fun is that?!

Deal Dash Has Real Customer Service

If you’re familiar with DealDash, you’ll know they are known for having regular phone calls with their customers – always searching for feedback on how they can improve. This is one of the reasons why I recommend DealDash; because their customer service is outstanding. When I have contacted customer service by email, phone, or chat I am always treated with respect and dignity. No question is silly and I am never told to read or re-read the rules. They just answer the questions directly and quickly.

Winning Auctions

When you win an auction you will see “Congratulations!” at the bottom of the screen. Often you see fireworks like it is the Fourth of July! How fun! Once you click on the win you are directed to pay for your auction win. DealDash also gives you 14 days to redeem your auction win which is helpful. You always receive a receipt by email for your purchases and have access to real time tracking numbers so you know when to expect your item to arrive.

How has your experience been and what do you think about What DealDash auction bidding strategies can you share?

Please let me know if this review has helped!

If you want to see more reviews, take a look at the home page!

230 thoughts on “DealDash in review – understanding and winning auctions

  1. Thevikes

    Great advise. I have been a member since December of 2013. I have over 500 wins. If you are patient and watch an item without bidding. You can see trends with newborn it’s as well as long time members that know the ropes. The best advise in this article is that you should be prepared to purchase the item at its original cost if you are in it to far. There are some that will pay more than the price just to see the fireworks, Stay away from those auctions.

  2. lrsimpson

    This is a well written and accurate article! I’ve gotten more deals on DealDash than any other PA site. The best perks of DealDash are sales on bids and free shipping!

  3. sbiscontini

    This is a great article! I wish I had known about this blog earlier I could have avoided some “newbie” mistakes, but I love DealDash and I’ve won some really great items!

  4. sandymorgan258

    Great review. I have earned a lot of gift cards to use as gifts. I think Deal Dash is the best penny auction online. Thank you for the tips..a lot of information here!!

  5. Don North

    Great job describing the system! It’s really fun, but everyone should learn about bid buddy before starting so you don’t waste your bids!

  6. Brian Gifford

    Fantastic and factual article….Love Deal Dash!! Free shipping and honest penny site. DealDash continues to be the very best online penny auction website. Great selection and specials!!!

  7. Brian Gifford

    Very well said… Fantastic article! I love the free shipping Dealdash offers, Some sites have $9.99 For there shipping and that takes away from winning something for a penny when you have to pay shipping too. Dealdash has so many things they offer there is no reason to go anywhere else!!!

  8. Mona

    Joan I love how you wrote this review and would love to see more written by you about Deal Dash. I have been on the site for a few years and love it myself and have learned many things since I started. You give great advice here.

  9. blondee58

    First of all, read tips from previous bidders then search the auctions you want to win or bin!!!! You will never lose. Free shipping is awesome:)

  10. minnie1117

    Deal Dash is so much fun!!! I have won many great things like a laptop, Xbox, iPod Touch, and a ton of smaller items…free shipping and great customer service.

  11. Marjorie Taylor

    I have won so many great items and you can too. Be patient and only enter one or two auctions at a time. Stay within a budget and you’ll walk away a winner too.

  12. Dave

    Very well said, but it can be an expensive endeavor. So only play if you have the disposable income.

  13. dpeer2013

    IM having a very hard tie at winning ive won a few items but I just cant seem to win since then… put in 50 bids in bid buddy on a cheap item which is 24.00 to buy it back thought I would win with 50 bids but I was wrong im so upset over this I cant seem to win anymore I don’t know what im doing wrong any advice sure would be appreciated…

  14. Magics

    Joan I thought this was an excellent review and I so agree with you as a newbie I made many mistakes. I learned so much over the past few years how to play and play smart. I love the site as well and am doing all my Christmas shopping early this year. Kudos to your article!

  15. Magics

    Very good review and I agree with everything you said. I too messed up in the beginning as it takes some time to learn the site and the other bidders strategies. I have won some great things and I too love the Buy It Now option and getting all my bids back. Just in time for Christmas and starting early this year. Kudos to the author! And kudos to Deal Dash.

  16. Joy Brantley

    Love what you said because it’s the excitement of of seeing “Congratulation”! So much fun and never been disappointed yet in the quality of service!

  17. Todd Hills

    Great over view of how Dealdash works. The free shipping are unique to Dealdash. I haven’t seen another penny auction site that offers both those options. I enjoy the random 300 & 400 auction days.

  18. Linda Templeton Richart

    I’ve won some great gifts for my 1st Grandchild which will be born in Jan. A cradle swing for 10.97, worth about 217 bucks, a Graco car seat for 9.47, worth about 172 bucks and a digital baby monitor for 4.97 worth 160 bucks! These are just a few of the items I’ve won, not to mention the many bid packs I’ve won. Just be careful….it can be addicting!!! 🙂

  19. Tsiala Williams

    I’m DealDash bidder MarkizaNochi. I love this site, need learn before bidding. I won a lot also lost little but in the end all good. I have level 30 now and just collected 500 free bids! Very good article, hope most read before bidding.

  20. MAIZIE

    Good advise. If Deal Dash could only limit the overbidders i would be a fastastic site. Also you you really need to take time to learn your competition.

  21. LGGMOM

    it is a lot of fun…but yeah everyone needs to read the hints before really getting started.

  22. Elaine Burchfield Trevithick

    I have been using deal dash since 2013; I will say it use to be a lot easier to win and come out ahead though once in a while I am surprised. The reason it is harder is not because of deal dash but because of the people who are get called rude, the bid jumpers; there are not rules, so each to his own, but it is frustrating when you want to win free bids for being the highest bidder on the clock for 10 seconds. There are a lot of good sales, the 3 x and the 5 x bids. So, if your persistent and hang in there, you will love deal dash. It is addicting.

  23. MAIZIE

    Good article. Enough cannot be said about knowing your competition before you start. Some bidders are only interested in the win regardless of the cost.

  24. rose

    Great post, I did the research on different penny auction site and have found that DealDash is one of the best. Hope all newbie read your post.

  25. Lester twocrows

    Very good I like to put a bid in before getting locked out,si I can come back when the bidding is not so rapid.

  26. Bridget Nye

    I love DealDash, I’ve won many auctions. There is definitely a learning curve. I keep a note book of names of players that I don’t want to be in an auction with. Some people just don’t know when to quit and ruin it for everybody.

  27. D Turnbull

    Very good analogy. I have played all of the auctions at one time or another and DealDash is by far the best opportunity out there. Play it daily.

  28. SchoolLady

    I love the information you give, have been on the site for awhile but always learning and of course learning to win better

  29. Luke

    Really like bidding on Deal Dash. I think everyone new should be required to educate themselves before costing everyone more money than necessary.

  30. strunkann

    i like to thank you for all the help .i used the bid buddy last night. but i really don’t understand it. but reading about it now it makes me understand a little bit more about it.hank you.

  31. strunkann

    think it great that you win a lot of stuff but it seem that im having a hard time i new at this and need all the help i can get thank you this is some more help for me thank not winning i loseing all my bids and money.

  32. Sandra

    Great Article! I must say that when I heard about your site I was very suspicious, but after bidding and getting things, I am impressed. If you want to just buy something, you can. It has been a learning experience, and you have to be careful as you can run out of bids and lose what you really wanted.

  33. Judy M

    Great article, and it is all true!! I don’t have much luck with winning prizes. I either bid too much or not enough.! But that’s my fault not DealDash. I try and be careful, but just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.
    I am working on it tho.

  34. Marie Lyles

    I love dealdash! I have won several items and all have been good quality. Customer service is courteous and professional as well.

  35. sheyda shahabeddin

    I love this site you need to be patient and put bids on those items you need. if you win that is going to be great if not you didn’t miss anything you can just buy it and get your bids back. make sure you have a good strategy and you never lose.

  36. Bobbie

    I have had a lot of fun on Deal Dash winning gift cards, bids and gifts for my grandsons. I only bid on items I would buy anyway.

  37. goodhorsekeeper

    I love Deal Dash. I also appreciate the reviews. With that being said, It is getting harder and harder to win auctions. I can’t say that I haven’t won because I have. No complaints here. the article is very informative and true. I will ad “Bet with Your Head, Not Over it” Yes, there is a lot of great information on hear but you have to use your head! I Love Deal Dash. I wish I had joined sooner. I did see the ads for it on Facebook.
    Yes, DealDash is a very Fair and honest Bidding Site and I am glad I joined the DD Family!

  38. Gail Holter

    I’ve had very good luck with deal dash, and one of the most outstanding services they offer is their customer service. I’ve had a couple of occasions to ask for their help let me tell you it has been excellent.

  39. Jonathan Plaskas

    I have not won a auction in a few weeks but this article gave me some good information on how to win.

  40. Kim

    Informative article and very accurate. Nice to have a legit place to have fun and win some nice items for pennies on the dollar.

  41. Adam Brackett

    This author wrote an overall great review. She was honest about how Deal Dash works and how they have their low price bid packs and strategies along with weekly promotions. Its always nice to see an honest deal with no strings attached. Great review.


  42. Errol (Betaman)

    Moved to a new home, started bidding months ago, now we have new products for our new home, yea!!!

  43. cottagerosecandles

    Great article!
    I have to say I am addicted to Deal Dash on occasion- I find it fun!. It is like a game to me- to see if I can get my 6 wins in a week by paying less than they are worth.. I only go the items that I would buy anyway, that way if I don’t win, I can get back my bids backs by buying the item… I have won a few good ones – like $4.00 for a $100 gift card, love my kuerig coffee pods at a low price or and many items/gift cards below the actual cost, I still spend a lot on buy it now… but, I also earn points for every auction you bid on and can get free bids… I have been on Deal Dash for now over a year and still learning how to play!
    I agree that you really have to watch and learn, then you can win a few really good deals….

  44. teresa

    i love deal dash im just leaning how to play the came still very new but i love it.

  45. lilrasquel

    Deal Dash is a great way to get gifts,and things for yourself. Shipping is always free and your wins arrive promptly. I have won some great things and love the gift cards, If you don’t win the auction you can BIN (buy it now) and receive the bids back that you spent. Thanks Deal dash for being so supportive and offering great auctions to bid on. You have a very rewarding site.

  46. Nelly

    Great article! I’ve won some great things on Deal Dash too and it comes down to preparation and patience! Thanks for your insight.

  47. Stan Fryc

    Very good article about the basics- Love DealDash- Awesome site and always improving.

  48. Jodi Bailey

    I have won some amazing prizes thanks to Deal Dash! I would never have been able to afford any of the nice things I have won. Thank you!

  49. Michael Nadeau

    Awsome site. Won 26″ $399,00 bike for $12,63…Dunking Donuts gift Card $0.03…$25.00 Burgerking Gift card $8.00

  50. Bob T.

    I’m having fun trying to time my bids and winning all the gift cards I can. Win some and buy it now on the others…I haven’t had to pay full price at the gas pump in 6 months…

  51. Terrence Casimier

    Great site ever, better than the rest, bids are always on sale go DealDash.

  52. kory

    Deal Dash is a really easy way to get the things you need! I got all our appliances for our new home from deal dash!

  53. Cathy Kennemore

    I have tried a few different penny auctions and have found Deal Dash to be the best. I also have made the mistakes and on occasion still do but have won different items and gift cards. Also love winning more bids. Wonderful site and would recommend to anyone. It is fun and I enjoy those wins.

  54. Terry M.

    Deal Dash has been the most fun I’ve had shopping in my life!!! Their items are quality and the variety is outstanding. 🙂

  55. Gracie Hernandez

    I have been on Deal Dash since March and I love it, so much savings. I love “congratulations” when I win an auction.

  56. Frances

    I havr been a member of deal dash since 2011 but really didn’t get into really bidding until 2013 and since then I have won 12 different item’s and have had a blast doing so. I just wish people would let the time click down to at least 2 before bidding becauae they take away from other’s working toward their free bids. Other then that deal dash is the best auction site.

  57. FOXYLADY100

    I have had both good and bad luck with Deal Dash. Compared to other penny auctions, this one is the most legitimate, Any auction wins are received promptly and as advertised. Stick with it…it will pay off!

  58. Bev Ball

    Ii love deal dash it’s fun and I won an Apple iPad mini for $24! Having a boring day don’t know what to do buy bids and play deal dash today you’ll live it! You can even win free bids

  59. melinda kirgan

    i am a single parent of 2 teens and am always looking to save money some how. deal dash gives me that opportunity to get great products at great savings.

  60. Coolandy55

    Excellent advice. Bidding only on items you plan to buy anyway is also a good idea. That way you never waste your bids.

  61. Anthony

    Shipping at DealDash is ALWAYS free. No matter how big or small the item is you never have to pay for shipping. Shipping is also very fast. I won an HP OfficePro printer, for only $12.74 and received it in TWO days. I was delighted to see it waiting outside my door when I got home from work! What a thrill it was to win the printer!

  62. dennykwins

    I found this evaluation of DealDash to be interesting and informative. I wish I had read something like this when I started, would have saved a lot of bids. (Money)I have found that if you watch your item and wait until there are only two or three people bidding you have a better chance of winning. Of course it is important to place one bid at the beginning of the auction so you don’t get locked out at the end.

  63. bethjanelle

    I have Deal Dash for about 3 years now. It really helps me out as I am home bound. I can bid on gift cards from my pharmacy, grocery store, and restaurants. My personal care person uses the cards to get the items I need. This works great for everybody concerned and is so easy to do!

  64. DealDash Community Post author

    Thank you torch1 – we really appreciate the nice comment and hope to see you win even more auctions!

  65. Karen Perricone

    Hi, this web site has to be the best. I’ve won a computer on it already. Its fun, and best you can browse until you see what you want and they will notify you when its coming up for auction. Its great!!!!!!!

  66. torch1

    This is a really great way to shop. I have won so many items for just pennies. All of the items won have been high quality items. Thanks for the hard work that goes into this site.

  67. Jonathan Hayes

    Deal Dash is awesome because you always have the chance to win free bids along with winning great merchandise!!! I’ve won about 9 different auctions over the last 2 months & I’m very happy with what I’ve won, especially my radar dectector 🙂

  68. Wayne C.

    Deal Dash is great for gift giving around the holidays. I can’t wait to do this year’s Christmas shopping. Great article with good advice and tips especially if you are new to Deal Dash.

  69. Gloria Chandler

    Good article. I have been a member for a few months and have win some fantastic items.

  70. Kim Wells

    I love DealDash!!! I have been fortunate enough to win several items I’ve always wanted that I would never buy for myself! Great article and great suggestions! If only everyone would heed your advice! Thanks for sharing!

  71. Robind1967


    I have been a Deal Dash member for about 3 months now and love all the gift cards that I have won or used the BIN option. Keeps you busy and you cannot win all the time. Just don’t overbid and first and foremost, HAVE FUN!!!

  72. Patrick King

    Spot on article Joan, thanks. My thoughts in a perfect world would be a requirement that all new folks are required to read the FAQs and Tips Suggestions and have a three day waiting period to watch and learn before being allowed to bid. We all take time to figure it out and really be successful. Bid Buddies forever. Deal Dash is always exciting and can be as strategic as a game of chess. I love it!!!!

  73. jennifer sheremetta

    I soooo love deal dash! !!♡♡♡♡ I have won some very nice items that I ordinarily would not be able to afford. The trick is to be patient and mind your bids. If you spend more on bids than plus the final cost of the item you’re not getting a deal at all! Patience patience patience and it will pay off!

  74. 4cheyenne

    DealDash is great. I only been doing for short time and I am really enjoying myself and oh yes, I have won some bids. Keep up the good things that you are doing DealDash.

  75. Donna

    Bid on items you can use, or are willing to BIN, keep a calculator handy — price of bids plus win cost, DEAL or NO DEAL?

  76. Elna Howard

    You really put things in perspective light. I have won a few but the ones I lost Deal Dash let me buy and I got my bids back. It is the best auction I have ever found and it is lots of fun.

  77. Tommy Webb

    I love Deal Dash. I have won some wonderful prizes. You can always buy it out and get your bids back.

  78. LandOfNope

    Thanks for the great article! I love reading up on strategies to try and make my game an better. I am a newbie, only on Deal Dash for about 2 months, but I am already up to Level 21. I must have more time/money than sense!

    Gettogether, I would love to hear more tips/tricks from you if you are willing to share. I am at a loss as to how to win bid packs, I’ve never won any bigger than 70, and the only way that I won those is by putting 70 into my Bid Buddy, which kind of defeats the purpose by using 65 bids to get 70, then having to pay the auction fee after!

  79. Kevin

    Enjoyed reading the article. I’ve won a few bids on DealDash and look forward to winning some more.
    There is a lot of fun on bidding on items especially when you win and you can find items for family and friends who have birthdays coming up! Then $0.15 deals are the best, just wish I could win one of those 5000 bid packages, that would be IDEAL!!!

  80. madolyn nesmith

    Great article on how to use your bids on deal dash. I love deal dash because of the variety of gift cards! I shop for friends and family and they love the gift cards. i use to think they were in personable but when they have pretty much everything you cannot go wrong. a lot of ties i get more than half of my bids back because i use bid o magic.

  81. Errol Simpson

    Great article, I love Deal Dash because I have won a lot of items, but I have won things I never thought I would.

  82. Sandra Hedrick

    I have already done all my Christmas shopping for this year! The last 2 years I have given my gifts early because no one ever gets gifts they can use in the summer at Christmas. When family gets together at that time to exchange gifts they just bring a picture of what I got them and show it off!! I have over 50 presents to buy and so I usually spend about $25 on each. Now I’m giving gifts over $200 in most cases. It is a Joy for me to be able to do that and Deal Dash has made it possible. Would recommend to all but read the helpful hints. This is a must. Sandra Hedrick in Arkansas.

  83. Stacey W

    I love Deal Dash. I have won allot of things, a laptop, a nice changing table for my granddaughter. allot of gift cards. it is the best penny auction I have see.

  84. Carole Knepper

    Love, love, love Deal Dash….Have got a lot of great deals. Just takes using your head.

  85. sgdd13

    This is a well written article, showing how you can win on Deal Dash while saving money. Of course, free shipping is always a wonderful savings for all of us. All the promotions for free wins, extra time on the level clock working towards free bids. The selection is vast and everyone has the same chance to win. All in all, Deal Dash is the best penny auction site.

  86. Barbara Therrienz

    Very nice article…I joined DealDash approximately 2 years ago, and have won some really great items like a laptop, an IPad, a camera, just to name a few. Also, I really like the different ways you can earn free bids. I had to stop bidding for awhile because I was out of work, but I will be back bidding very soon….

  87. ddb5063

    Very nice article Joan! Everything you said is spot on about dealdash! Best penny auction site around! I have been winning all kinds of baby items for our grandbaby due in october! I love your article and i love!

  88. Tamara

    It is important to bid only on things you are willing to BIN if you do not Winn so you are not wasting your money and time. Be patient with the process and check your winner category which will tell you what the other bidders are winning at that time. If you see the items value of 10 going for 7.80 that is only a 22% discount. Wait until the average discount if 50%+. You will have a much better experience.

  89. Joan Vith

    Thanks for the input, Sharon. I think the wisest DealDash customers do just as you are doing. BIN is sometimes the best; other times it is a wonderful thing to see the fireworks and congratulations!

  90. Jack

    Bob, I would certainly be interested in getting some advice from a successful member like you on dealdash. I have had my luck, winning 2 rokus, microsoft office, and some bid packs in my 3 weeks there so far, and I enjoy the site greatly. I need tips though, as sometimes I feel I am doing things wrong, like when I bid 110 bids on something and lost. If you have a yahoo IM or would like to share tips here with me, it would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks so much!


  91. Sherry L Dowse

    I first started in January 2014, I have been lucky and unlucky. It is like you say, you have to know what your limits are going in. Not burying yourself in debt is the first thing to watch. It’s easy to get caught up in the bidding. Please remember that every penny is NOT a penny at all. Keeping this in mind and being patience could make for a fun games.e. for everyone.

  92. Osito43

    Ii been to other sides but this one is the best.. I been wining and I also been patient..DealDash is the best

  93. Robert Veilleux

    I totally agree, any auction I have multiple bids I am prepared to go all the way, even if I need to utilize BIN. That is very good level 25. Getting to level 50 will take many more hours and patience.

    My suggestion is do not push it and let nature take it’s course.  When I started they did not have the 2X  and 3X to induce you to play more and push your level numbers forward. I have noticed some bidders will go to extreme’s when that phase is implemented.  Frequently when the 2X and 3X are available, I abstain from playing because bidding goes crazy where someone will pay 31.00 for a 25.00 gift card and that is not counting the cost of bids. Patience and timing will benefit you.

    Good luck it seems you are on your way and doing well.  DD is by far in my opinion the best site of it’s type available, with the benefit of having a great customer support department that truly cares about members like yourself.

    Bob V gettogether

  94. Cheryl

    Love Deal Dash. I have won quite a few auctions. Some time the price I get an item for is so low it almost unbelieveable Once you play you’re hooked. Played other sites but Deal Dash is the best

  95. TrickyMisfit

    These are great points to follow. Without a doubt DealDash is the best of all the penny auctions out there and the most fun too.

  96. joanb1947

    Thanks Michael. I think we can agree that buy it now is a great way to stay in the game and have fun trying to win. With you just have to wait a little while and the same item may come up again. Happy bidding!

  97. Robert McCollum

    Fun article, and well-written. I especially appreciated the advice to newbies. We all seem to make the same initial mistakes, and those mistakes cost us money. Also I liked Joan’s enthusiasm for her hobby. Good for her.

  98. Bob V. (gettogether)

    congratulations you have done well, and your correct you must be patient and 200 wins is outstanding. I choose my auctions carefully, based on personal needs and local convenience and also on the fact I give
    numerous gift cards to friends, and some in great need. To be able to do that pleases me very much, that I
    am fortunate to be in a position to do so. The one difficult thing, is the gift cards I select are also the ones many people also select, but that makes the challenge of winning even greater, and I mean winning where my total expenditure is less than the value. occasionally my costs is a little greater than the value of the item, so I chalk that up as a loss in my mind. I would prefer they not have the 2X and 3X , because it makes your level unfair depending on the timing. When I first started almost 4 years ago they did not have that 2X and 3X feature, I definitely see the benefit for DD and their marketing team.

    DD is still by far the best site of it’s type anywhere. I use to play on another site, and converted to DD exclusively. Good luck and have continued success.
    Bob V.

    P.S. Sorry for being so long winded!!!

  99. George beyer

    I myself have won almost 200 auctions ans am at level 29 since just last November. Remember to be patient and always be prepared to purchase the item you are bidding on. NEVER over bid, and have fun.


  100. michaelb1203

    You nailed it. I have more buy it now wins than actual wins but I still win because I get all of my bids back which gives me more chances to actually win an item and I havn’t done to bad. Thanks for the tips. I will incorporate it in my future with DealDash!

  101. Bob V. (gettogether)

    I totally agree, it’s a question of knowing what your doing, and having patience and how the site actually works.

  102. joanb1947

    Thanks, Bob. I feel compelled to write these things in hopes just maybe the new bidders will read some of this. DealDash is really the most fair of all penny auction sites, and I dislike having disgruntled bidders make false claims.

  103. Sharon Bonazzi

    I have been with deal dash for several years now. I have had the opportunity to win many wonderful gifts and gift cards…I just watch the auction I am bidding very closely then apply my strategies accordingly..Sometimes I am successful…sometimes not…Depends how lucky I am at the time!!!

  104. Bob V. (gettogether)

    I have been a member almost 4 years and have learnt a few things and willing to share. have a high winning ratio. good luck! DD is definitely the best site of it’s type and have seen them all. I have found their customer support to be truly outstanding, and hopefully you have had the same experience. Again Good Luck and Happy Bidding

  105. Bob V. (gettogether)

    there are ways to help yourself. I have been a member 4 years almost. Have done extremely well
    willing to share advice if it helps.

  106. Bob V. (gettogether)

    I would be more than happy to share some tips on winning. I have been a member 4 years and my winning %
    is extremely high. I don’t mind helping, just hope were not bidding always on same items. Good luck.

  107. Pat LaBelle

    Joan, Thanks so much for the tips. I have been a DealDash bidder for more than a year now. When I win a big auction for few bids, I feel I just got lucky. After reading your article I discover some of the things I am doing wrong. Jump in to soon is one of my deal don’ts. Also I need to learn to get out When it gets to be to high. Again Thanks For The Help.

  108. joanb1947

    Thank you for the review. I know I wish I had someone show me the way. DealDash can be lots of fun and I certainly enjoy the challenges. Even if it’s not required I hope the new bidders start reading our blogs more often and stop the stomping!

  109. Passey

    Joan, This should be required reading for everyone opening a Dealdash account. Sometimes I get upset when newbies jump on every bid running up the price and don’t know about getting free bids. I know I was a newbie once and did the same things. I wish I had your instructions when I started, it would have saved me bids that I wasted. Well done!

  110. joanb1947

    Thanks for your input! I would have loved reading this before I spent all my bids the first time through! Oh well, lesson learned that’s for sure.

  111. joanb1947

    Thank you! I certainly hope new bidders will read these hints too. I really enjoy the site and the availability of all of the items we would shop for anyway. Why not have some fun too?

  112. joanb1947

    Thanks, I wish I had someone spell it out for me when I first started, but bid buddy is definitely the way to a win!

  113. joanb1947

    Thanks for your comment, it is remarkable how many new bidders will not read the “how to’s” or observe how to bid before they waste their money on auctions. I made alot of mistakes at first too, but I learned quickly.

  114. suncrafts

    I love your article joan, it really explains dealdash! Though we all get carried away sometimes in bidding it is nice to use the buy it now and get all our bids we used on that item back! For the new bidders please use bid buddy! I have won ALL my auctions using it! We all like getting our time for free bids! Happy Bidding everyone!

  115. kymm115

    Great over view of just how Dealdash works. I also remember being a newbie but I must admit, I tried very hard to learn how to win without breaking the bank. Not sure I have accomplished that but I try. The free shipping and the BIN are also unique to Dealdash. I haven’t seen another penny auction site that offers both those options. And customer service is outstanding at Dealdash ! It is because of all these excellent points that I am glad I found Dealdash first !!

  116. joanb1947

    Thank you. I am glad you agree. There is no other site like it, I have tried a lot of them and is where my loyalty is!

  117. loveablenicki

    Great article you nailed it on the nose!!! I love the free shipping Dealdash offers, Some sites have $9.99 For there shipping and that takes away from winning something for a penny when you have to pay shipping too. Dealdash has so many things they offer there is no reason to go anywhere else!!!

  118. joanb1947

    Thank you, I think we all love I wish more people would read all the blogs and posts experienced bidders put out there. Newbies could learn a lot from us and make the site even more fun!

    On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 7:44 PM, DealDash Reviewed wrote:


  119. joanb1947

    Thank you, I am glad you agree. Of all the sites out there is by the far the most fair. And yes, I laugh too when I get carried away and think, Really??? Practice what you say! It is certainly enjoyable though. Happy bidding!

  120. vlv52

    Hello Joan! What a detailed and accurate blog letter. I was fascinated by the detail. You sure explained everything about bidding. Other bidders really need to understand what the DealDash sight is all about and you did an amazing job. You asked about my experience and what do I thought about
    Well, I agree with everything you said. Explanation well done!!! I would like to add that bidding is just plain fun…..I love to bid for the fun of the acquisition, too. Strategy and knowing exactly how and why is critical to know what to do on the DealDash sight. I am just saying sometimes it is just fun to throw caution to the wind and bid like crazy on something you really want. I have done that on a couple of items I just had to have. I laughed and laughed and had such a good time. But notice I said a couple of items. I have been with DealDash for years. You also asked about my DealDash auction bidding strategy that I could share?
    I think like you said knowledge of how DealDash works is critical to success. A person should observe first if they are new bidders. Old timers like me also just do it for the love for DealDash. Thank you Joan!!!! Loved your article.

  121. erica

    This is great article for beginners to read.It really gives them an overall picture of Deal Dash. It’s great that you mentioned the buy it now option, so people know you will not win every auction you enter.
    I have been on Deal Dash for a year, and I agree with everything mentioned here.

    Good Advice

  122. Dianne Aikman

    Excellent comphrehensive article, Joan. You hit the nail on the head on every point and I agree with you 100%.

    I have been more than completely satisfied and grateful that I found DealDash. I have several friends, family, & acquintances that feel the same about

    I would love to see become required reading 🙂

  123. sorrymyturn

    What a super article! You did a great job of covering all of the main points in a way that most newbies could easily understand.

    My friends no longer question if is legitimate or not either. They often tell me, however, that the reason I win as much as I do is because I’m so smart and know what I am doing. You and I both know that people do not have to be extra intelligent to learn how to bid on and learn how to win auctions. Of all the penny auction sites I know of, does the best job of providing information to new customers to learn how to play and develop winning strategies.

    All new players have to do is read this and other articles and they could soon be winning, too. Knowing I can buy the products I do not win to get all my bids back free and the fact that always ships free are my main reasons I am a loyal fan.

    Like you say, does have outstanding customer service. They are always polite and helpful.

    Thanks for writing such a good overview of your experience.

  124. poetatheart123

    Excellent article! You went into great details of how Dealdash works and it was very informative. I have had very positive interactions with these guys and their prices are the best that I’ve come across- especially the 15 – cent bid packages. Thanks for posting this 🙂

  125. ddrobertsfam

    Great article! This has been my experience with DealDash as we’ll! I would’ve loved seeing these blogs when I was a “newbie”

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