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DealDash Bidding Tip

5 Simple And Useful DealDash Bidding Tips And Strategies

DealDash Bidding Tip

I love DealDash and am writing here to share some of my useful DealDash bidding tips and strategies; so here goes:

Don’t Make It Personal

Just because you might spot an aggressive or obnoxious bidder, remover yourself from any personal reaction. Focus on the bidding process of the auction and not on the bidder(s).

Remain Detached

If you HAVE to have something at all costs, you will lose. See Winning At All Costs And What We Can Learn

Set A Budget

Decide how much you want to spend and remember bids are not free they are cash (often 17 cents a piece.) Do the math.

Keep To Your Budget

Decide what that item is worth to you and do not spend more.

Timing Is Everything

I will let you all figure out what that means.

Good luck & bet with your head; not over it!

– Anne0135

DealDash Wish List

DealDash Bidders Wish List

DealDash Wish List

We all know the wonderful and wide selection of items that are available on

There is something for everyone and all items are well received and fought over. You only need to look at some of the bidding to know how valuable we find the goods we can bid on.That said, are there items that you are looking for, do not want to pay full price for and haven’t seen on yet? If you find yourself in this same place as I am, then we need to find a way to let DealDash know what we wish for.

My DealDash item wish list:

Upright Digital Scale

Larger variety of food gift cards

  • Jack in the Box
  • Wendy’s
  • In & Out
  • Denny’s
  • El Pollo Loco
  • Pick up Stix

More items under Computers, Laptops & Tablets

Not everyone is a gamer and smaller computers such as Microsoft laptops & tablets would be nice. Not everyone is an Apple user.

So, my thought is, at the top of the home page, there are tabs for ‘How Does It Work’ etc. Perhaps DealDash can combine two or add another tab headed ‘BIDDERS WISH LIST’. Then when we have an item that we would like to see on DealDash, we click the tab and add our item description. If we also include our bidder name, then Deal Dash would be able to let us know if they have been successful in getting the item and when it will come up for bid.

My thought for the day and I hope others will echo this request. What do you think? Comment with your wish list below and share your thoughts because DealDash will see them.

New DealDash Bidder Tips And Etiquette Guidelines

Bidding Etiquette and Tips

Are you a new bidder on DealDash? Here are some general bidding etiquette guidelines and tips I wish everyone would follow.

DealDash Tip Number One (and the most important): DON’T STOMP OTHER BIDDERS!!

Take if from experience, Bid Stomping makes more experienced bidders a tad angry causing them to a sit back and wait until you get the “I’m going to win an auction” tantrum out of your system which basically means you will…

  • A.) Run out of bids
  • B.) Need to buy MORE bids
  • C.) Become angry because you’re out of bids, can’t buy more and therefore can’t bid anymore

Meanwhile you’ve lost your bids, money and the auction while the other bidder who was sitting back and waiting for your bids to expire has only spent a bit of money, a few bids and won the item.

DealDash Tip Number Two: Try lower retail price items first before bidding on higher valued items.

Only after you’ve gained a bit of bidding experience should you move up to higher valued items. Give yourself a chance to become more familiar with the bidding process and with the other bidders. Read their profiles, notice how long they’ve been a member, how many items they’ve won and if you don’t remember anything from this blog post, try to remember this.

The longer time someone has been a DealDash member = a bidder with LOTS more experience.

These are a few tips from what I’ve learned. Start small and go slow. If I see something coming up for auction that I am interested in bidding on, especially high ticket item, I’ll place one bid before the bidding reaches $5.00. This 1 bid placed guarantee’s me a spot in the auction in case the item reaches a high dollar amount. In case you did not know, when the auction price goes above $5.00, the auction is closed only to those bidders who placed at least one bid before it reached the $5 No Jumper limit. If you don’t bid at least once before this limit, you’re not eligible to participate in the auction.

ALSO SEE: DealDash No Jumper Auctions – A Very Good Thing

This is my first blog entry and I’m going to try and post one a week but no guarantees because I’m a very popular guy ;). Oh, and BTW, I only have 22 wins under my belt so far and a whole lot of Buy It Now’s.

Good Luck, Happy Bidding!

By Michael Barnes

DealDash Break

Knowing When To Take A Break

I love winning and shopping on DealDash but sometimes it’s important to take a break and especially being able to recognize when you should.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the auctions, but lately I’ve found myself bidding on the same things that I already have. For example I already have about 50 Amazon cards (or more), 25 Walmart, 25 Burger King, CVS, Walgreens, JCPenny, etc. and to many others! So with that said, I’ve decided to take some time off, do some other things and give someone else a shot at winning without me in the competition. Especially because I need to use what I have before bidding on anymore. There’s another great article called 5 Symptoms To Let You Know It May Be Time To Take A Break From Shopping which is also great and promotes responsible bidding and shopping.

This brings me to three DealDash bidding strategy points I would like to share with you:

  1. Bid on the gift cards you need. When you win them, use them!  You can always bid on more.
  2. Start out small, and bid on some of the least expensive items, so if you don’t win, just buy it and get your bids back. This way you can play again since the bids are returned to you.
  3. Don’t overspend or find yourself bidding on that 50th gift card if you know you don’t need it.

Don’t worry, I’m not gone for long, just taking a little vacation so that I can play with the many items I’ve won on DealDash. Yesterday it was my Apple TV, today it’s the Neat Machine my son won and gave to me. Tomorrow it’s the tablet.

Enjoy and Happy Bidding!

DealDash Break


Experience Of A New DealDash Bidder


I’m a fairly new bidder on DealDash and this is my first experience with penny auctions.

After registering in December 2013 I began bidding immediately! I actually thought that I was going to be a winner immediately as well and I must say I lost all my bids. This was due to the fact that I didn’t try to educate myself about the auctions or read any of the reviews from experienced members like what you’ll find here in this customer driven blogging website DealDash is reviewed by real customers with real stories. If you’re in the same situation and have not read any reviews or studied any tips or bidding strategies, I would recommend reading some of the articles other customers have written here as well as the articles you’ll find on these other sites: | | DealDash Reviews Tips Strategies |

When I first started bidding, I used my first bid on a Acer Aspire laptop and then many more bids on a 300 Bid Pack. I won my first auction when I focused on some of the lower valued items and ended up winning a 40 Bid Pack, 25 Bid Pack and a 80 Bid Pack. Taking these bids I then won a beginner $10 Walmart gift card auction, a Epson WorkForce Wireless All In One Printer and another auction win to compliment the printer was a 500 pack of multi purpose paper for the printer.

printer and paper

I would say I’ve learned a few things by reading articles from experienced members and carefully selecting which items I bid on. My advice to new bidders is to read reviews and try to learn a few tricks to develop your own strategy so you can be a winner too!