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AMC Movie Gift Cards

Grab Deals on AMC Movie Gift Cards

DealDash has been offering auctions for movie theaters gift cards for a long while. They have the Regal movie gift cards and the AMC Movie Theater cards too. I really enjoy movies and DealDash has offered enough opportunities to bid on and win gift cards to help me see more movies than ever before.

In my neighborhood we do not have Regal Theaters, so I am bidding on the AMC Movie Theater cards pretty regularly. As my grandsons become a little more independent going to the movies with their friends is a regular weekend routine and I am happy to share my movie gift cards wins or purchases with them.

Not being a regular movie goer for years, I now have a reason to see movies I would like to and even see some of the Oscar nominated movies I heard about but never went to see. Going to the movies is a great past time and can be really expensive these days, but with the DealDash auctions I can feel good about winning and or buying the gift cards and seeing as many of the latest movies at the AMC Theaters that I want to see.

My family and I have made a weekend event out of going to the movies and then going out to a nice restaurant for dinner. The latest movies are always at the AMC Theaters and I have the Minion movie in my sites. The Minions from Despicable Me are always fun to watch.

We just saw “McFarland USA” and I give it 5 stars! The audience cheered when it was over and we have not seen or heard that in a long time. A moving performance from Kevin Costner and his supporting cast, adding to that it is a true story, it was a real tear jerker for all.

Thanks DealDash, you are always good to have great items up for auction and I am happy to be an avid customer!


Staples Easy Button

Staples | Make More Happen with Gift Card Deals

“Make more happen” is the latest branding slogan Staples, the office supply supermarket, started using in 2013.

When Staples began in 1985, the owner/founder Tom Stemberg, could not find a replacement ribbon in his home town for the typewriter he was using while working on a business plan. On a holiday weekend, some stores weren’t open and others just did not have the right ribbon, thus the idea became a vision to offer office supplies to businesses and customers all over the country. That first store which opened in 1986 in Massachusetts has grown into a multi-million dollar office supply chain throughout the United States.

While the new tag line is recognizable, the older line of “that was easy” is memorable. That big Staples button surely comes to mind when thinking of office supply needs for business owners and private users.

Staples Gift Cards on DealDash

Staples Gift Cards on DealDash – Up for Auction Daily

Since Staples is one of the biggest suppliers of office products in the United States, and there is a store nearby, when I saw DealDash was offering Staples gift cards up for auction, I decided to try to win the $10, $25, and $50 gift cards if I could. I have purchased laptops for myself and others, so we always need software, paper, and printer ink. When I could not win a card I would often buy the Staples cards, and get my bids back to try another auction. Once I had accumulated enough gift cards I went shopping at the local Staples. I was able to buy the Microsoft Office program for my newest laptop and installed it quickly. The support staff at Staples was very helpful in helping me determine which software was going to be the wisest purchase for me. The Staples staff is always friendly and wanting to assist if there are questions you have about a certain product. They remind me of DealDash, where Customer Service is always top rate!

Since I have had the opportunity to shop at Staples online and in person, I have found they carry thousands of items that can be used around the home. I now have the best electric pencil sharpener and my grandson was able to select his backpack for school supplies. With the best selection around town and top notch customer service, Staples is the supermarket for office supplies for me with a price match guarantee!


steven raichlen

The Potato Grill Rack by Steven Raichlen is AMAZING!

I have been shopping and winning on DealDash for over 2 years and recently discovered an amazing item by Steven Raichlen.

I generally bid on the things that everybody knows like gift cards for restaurants, retailers like Walmart, and online stores like Amazon. I also love kitchen items and have bid on well-known brands like Rachael Ray and Paula Deen. So who in the world is Steven Raichlen and how come I haven’t heard of him before?

This is where you do your homework. You can Google just about everything these days so I googled Steven Raichlen. Well come to find out I have been living under a rock. He is a well-known journalist, tv host, and culinary writer. He put out numerous books and is an award-winning writer. They say he has reinvented modern BBQ. Well slap me! I think I might bid on his stainless potato grill rack which DealDash is auctioning off!

Steven Raichlen Stainless Potato Grill Rack

When I received the potato rack it took a few days before I actually used it. When I did it was amazing! It made the best baked potatoes I have ever had! You use this potato grill rack on the outside BBQ. Just start the potatoes before you start your meat.

Just like described it cooks the potato faster than in the oven. If you rub it with a little olive oil and salt, cook it until it is done in the middle you get a nice crisp skin on it. I love a crispy skin! I liked this product so much I had to get another one to have in the camper. Not a problem, there will be another auction again for this product. That is the good thing about DealDash. If you want a second of an item you liked so much you can bid again on the same product so long it’s not a one-per-user item.

In the end I won one rack for a penny and used the Buy it Now on the other one to get my bids back.

So when shopping on DealDash, you can bid on things you know or try bidding on things that you have no idea who made them and you might be surprised with how great the item is!

Check out this YouTube video where Steven Raichlen shows how to make BBQ Beer Can Chicken!

Black & Decker

Deals on Black & Decker and Remington

Have you ever run across an item that you thought would make a job easier if you had it? That’s one reason why DealDash is here. I constantly find new and interesting from brand names like Black & Decker and Remington that I didn’t know I needed, and when I start using it I wonder why I hadn’t thought about it before.

Once I have used the item a couple of times it even starts getting fun! DealDash is how the Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer and the Remington Pole Saw came into my life. I needed to do some end of the year cleanup of bushes and trees, and our old chain saw and hedge trimmer were just worn out. I really didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on equipment that we would use once then put up for winter. I had never even thought about using the electric variety.

Remington Pole Saw


Black & Decker and Remington are pretty good versions of these items. I like not having to worry about gas, and these versions are a lot lighter and easier to use. I started trimming away and just couldn’t stop! It was fun! Then my husband wanted his turn and I couldn’t give it up. Just be careful when you’re trimming bushes not to cut your electrical cord.

Now the yard is nice and tidy, and there is no maintenance needed to put these items up for winter. They will be ready for next spring, all you do is plug them in.

One thing to wonder about on an item you never used before is how much do you like it, and how much is someone else going to like it? How many bids will this cost you? Are you willing to BIN (Buy-It-Now) on something like this? To get an idea you can use the average selling price of an item and the Winner’s list.

On the main page you will find a link to the Winner’s page. If you have been watching an item and the item has been sold just click on “Winners,” and you can scroll down to see how much it ended up being won for. Another good way to find information on an item is to see what the average selling price has been. When your item is coming up shortly you will need to log out and go to the auctions page. You will need to find the auction that you are interested in, and if you click on the item it will give you the average selling price for that product. That way, you can get an idea if it was very popular or not and decide if you want it. These are just some of the tools that DealDash offers to aid you in being a good bidder, and getting things for what you would like to pay at least most of the time.

Happy Bidding everyone!


Black & Decker 16-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer

Black & Decker 16-Inch Electric Hedge Trimmer retails for $43, but the average selling price on DealDash auctions is $5.37 (87% OFF!)


How Respect Helps you Win

How Respect Helps You Win

R – E – S – P – E – C – T is what my mother taught me. If you respect other people they in turn will respect you.

DealDash gives you the appropriate tools to respect the other bidders. Yes this an auction, sometimes you win and sometimes you will lose. However, if you use the bid buddy and allow the timer to run you will earn more respect from the other bidders.

More often than not if you are jumping other bidders they will stay in longer and quiet possible try to make sure that you don’t win – even allowing someone else to win who was playing with respect. My bidding advice to gain respect in the auctions is to set your bid buddy with what ever amount of bids you have allotted for that auction. You can add or remove them amount at any time. When you set your bid buddy it will place you “in line” with the other bidders and therefore help conserve your bids because you won’t be using an excessive amount compared to people to bid immediately after someone else.

Also see: 15 Inspiring Quotes I Read About DealDash

If you prefer to bid single bids that’s ok too, it’s just important to bid when the timer gets down to 2-3 seconds. However, when bidding like this there is more risk your bid is not accepted so be careful. DealDash even recommends that, if placing a single bid, you bid with at least 5 seconds on the clock. Using the bid buddy guarantees your bid will be placed during the final seconds of the auction so you’re best option is to use this tool and don’t risk losing respect from other bidders.

Keep in mind that if you bid hastily you take the time away from the other bidder and trust me they will not be happy about that. Taking their time away does not benefit you at all. So have respect and possibly win more auctions!

By Donna Smith

To respect others it’s important to be able to respect yourself. Here are 21 steps with illustrations on how to respect yourself