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How DealDash is Helping my Weight Loss Goal

So after a very long year of winning for everyone else I decided to attempt to win something for myself. Not very often do I even try to win for myself but this was different, I have a weight loss goal.

During 2015 I’ve made a weight loss goal to drop 10 pounds. As this thought comes to mind I just so happened to see a awesome mountain bike coming up on DealDash and thought to my self….. what the heck!!! If it is meant to be, it will be!

This bike is awesome and a great push for both
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Nurture Your Health and Beauty

I love so many things about DealDash, and one of my favorite things to browse for on DealDash is Health and Beauty products.

If you have a certain item in mind you can search for it, but my favorite way of seeing what new things DealDash has to offer beauty-wise to to browse the Fashion, Health and Beauty category, which can be found on the drop-down menu on the left side of the DealDash homepage.

I really like using the browse feature of DealDash, it helps me discover new items to bid on that I might not have thought to  — Read full post

Top Chef Santoku Paring Knives
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Become a Top Chef with these Knives

Ok I will have to admit that I love bidding on kitchen items. I may not be a Top Chef everyday but when I do it is a must to have the proper equipment.

My friends used to laugh at me when they would come over and try to help in the kitchen and would have to “saw” through something with my knives. Think you might need to sharpen these? Or possibly buy new knives? Well that’s exactly what I did.

I bid on the Top Chef line of knives on DealDash. DealDash offers a few different Top Chef knife  — Read full post Penny Auctions
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Discovery of Penny Auctions and How DealDash Reigns

I did not know penny auctions sites existed until I filled out an online survey that asked questions about one. To answer the questions, I became a customer on another site, but there were many things I did not like about it. That’s until I discovered

I became a member on Feb. 8, 2012, and I have been a happy customer ever since.  So far, I won over 565 auctions.  The majority of my winning auctions had a retail value of $100 or less, but I won some high-valued auctions, too, including a 55-inch TV (worth $1,399) for  — Read full post

Deal Dashing Auctions
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Dashing through the auctions

With a bushel full of bids

O’er the hills we go

Laughing as we get the win!


Bids on sleds, and dolls

Bids on cards and bikes

Oh what fun it is to watch

Your favorite bidding site!


DealDash, DealDash

Bidding all the way

Oh what fun it is to bid

On a dark and snowy day!


DealDash, DealDash

Bidding all the way

Oh what fun it is to win

The auction I’ve been on today!

Deal Dashing Auctions

Sing or hum this to the Jingle Bells tune. Sometimes we can use a little song to  — Read full post