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How DealDash is Helping my Weight Loss Goal

So after a very long year of winning for everyone else I decided to attempt to win something for myself. Not very often do I even try to win for myself but this was different, I have a weight loss goal.

During 2015 I’ve made a weight loss goal to drop 10 pounds. As this thought comes to mind I just so happened to see a awesome mountain bike coming up on DealDash and thought to my self….. what the heck!!! If it is meant to be, it will be!

This bike is awesome and a great push for both me and my family. I have been putting this weight loss goal off for way.. way.. way to long. I opened the auction and as I always do I put 10 bids on this ladies mountain bike to see just how many times I would get to bid before 20 cents. At 11 cents my first bid was placed witch is awesome, but now I have to wait to see how long it takes for my second bid to take place. Sure enough my auto bid was placed at 15 cents which means there can not be more than three other people on auto. But that was not even the case… People were just randomly bidding which means they are just pushing the BID NOW button. I find this just CRAZY that people do this because with me on auto they have no chance on winning. All it takes is for the clock to run down to ZERO one time and I win, so you are just wasting your bids for nothing.


I always watch the clock to see if it is running to zero and try to figure out who is using the BidBuddy and who is not. If you are not on auto I do not consider you a threat because you are bidding much more than I am so I will stick it out. In this case I was the only person using BidBuddy and won my brand new Titan Wildcat Ladies Mountain Bicycle in Lime Green and Black valued at $209 for a whopping 30 CENTS!!!! Oh my goodness I have not road a bike since I was a teenager – LOL! Wish me luck in my 2015 weight loss goal journey, I’m sure it is going to be quite interesting.
Ladies Mountain Bike
I used 5 bids to win this ladies mountain bike.
The lesson here is to always make sure you are using the BidBuddy. I find this is really the only way to win auctions DealDash. Also watch the clock, when it runs to zero and than a bid is placed more than likely they are on auto. Once a pattern is formed you will be able to tell how many folks are on auto (using BidBuddy) and decided if it is worth sticking out or not. Good luck 🙂
By loveablenicki