Pearl Harbor DVD Set

The Best Bidding Sites

Online bidding sites are super hot right now. I found this out for myself when I started using Deal Dash. I’ve been an avid bidder on the site for a couple of years now. Once you win an auction or two, you are hooked. Hooked in a good way, though.

On Deal Dash, you are able to purchase bid packs that allow you to bid on great name brand products. It’s not a bunch of clearance junk like on other bidding sites. Deal Dash allows you to bid on products one penny at a time. While the bids themselves can range from $0.12 up to $0.20 each in the bid packs, they allow you the opportunity to win incredible deals. Not only can you save money on Deal Dash, but you also have fun!

One of my first experiences on Deal Dash was amazing. I won the Pearl Harbor 2 Disc Anniversary Edition for $0.07. Yes that is 7 cents! It was a movie that would have normally cost me anywhere from $13-$20 if I bought it online.

pearl harbor anniversary dvd

The bidding experience is a lot of fun. You get to see familiar faces in the rooms as you tweak your bidding skills. Of course, there are times you can’t win or someone in the room becomes a “bid stomper”. A bid stomper is someone who doesn’t allow the clock to run down before placing another bid.

Another thing I like is that DealDash allows bidders on the site to regain bonus bids to their account when they allow the clock to run down. It depends on the promotion going on, but there are days when you can gain bonus bids up to 5 times faster than a typical bidding day.

Your best friend, however, is the “bid buddy”. The bid buddy is a tool where you can place a number of bids and it will bid for you. This way, you can set a bidding limit on certain items. Doing the math when you bid is key. If you really want the item, but see it might cost you more, you have the option to “buy it now” and get your bids back. This option is great for those who want a good deal on a product but would like their bids added back into their account. I have used all these tools in the past and have gotten great deals. I even got an amazing deal on a Twilight Movie Collection on Blu-Ray for $7 which would have cost me $60 in the store.

twilight forever the complete saga blu ray

With all the tools, promotions, and fun this shopping experience offers, I would recommend DealDash to anyone. It doesn’t cost a lot to get a great deal and practice makes perfect on this site. I continue coming back daily, weekly, and monthly because at some point, you will have an amazing winning day. Keep at it and if you feel lost, contact one of the awesome customer service reps that work for Deal Dash. They are amazing and want you to have fun and also want you to get a great bargain. Have fun and Happy Bidding!!!

Guest blog entry by Dean Harris