About DealDash

DealDash is the longest-running and most trusted bidding fee auction site on the internet.

With more than 20 million registered users, DealDash offers shoppers a fun way to purchase their favorite brand-name products at incredible discounts. Our shoppers can find many items for up to 90 per cent off the retail price.

The company was founded in 2009 to change the rules on pay-to-bid auction sites by improving the customer experience and building partnerships with companies that have excess or unused inventory.

Millions of Americans have saved money buying the brands they love through DealDash.  That’s primarily because of DealDash’s robust network of suppliers across the US and around the world. More and more companies choose to work with DealDash to help liquidate products from their overstocked warehouses.

In DealDash’s fast-paced, no-reserve auctions, customers can save money while enjoying an engaging shopping experience from the comfort of their home.

With a team of around 50 passionate employees, DealDash prides itself on providing the best possible customer service experience.

The company has been frequently recognized as one of the best auction sites in the business. In 2013, DealDash received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. In 2021, DealDash won the Best Excess Inventory Liquidation Service Award from Global Brand Awards. The spring 2022 ceremony is planned for the Palm Jumeirah – Waldorf Astoria in Dubai.

A Guide to Bidding on DealDash

Bid Carefully

Many first-time DealDash users make the mistake of making too many bids too quickly. That will inflate the auction price, wasting your bids in the process. You can bid strategically on your own, but there’s another strategy as well.

Use BidBuddy

Successful bidders learn to use BidBuddy. In fact, the vast majority of winning bidders on DealDash use the BidBuddy, which strategically places bids for you.

BidBuddy waits until the last second to place your bid for you. It allows you to put a limit on the number of bids used, and you can cancel it at any time.

Get Back Your Bids With Buy It Now

Do you feel frustrated about losing your latest auction? No problem. Even if you don’t win, you can still get your bids back by using the Buy It Now function.

For example: If you made 50 bids on a $25 Target Gift Card and lost, consider buying the item for $25 and getting all your 50 bids back, free of charge.

Now you can reuse those bids on another auction.

Do Your Homework

The most successful users on DealDash develop their own strategies for winning auctions.

Consider taking notes on how other bidders manage to win auctions. What’s the name of the winning user? What strategies did they use? Replicate those behaviors and you may see more success in your own bidding.

​​Earn Free Bids

When you are the Highest Bidder, you will earn time toward your next level. When you reach a new level, you receive free bids.

Some other ideas:

  • Learn From Winning Bidders: The Winners page reveals recently won items as well as the final auction prices.
  • Change Up Your Schedule: Auctions may often be easier to win at certain times of the day.
  • Compete for Cheaper Products: If you’re having trouble winning your top choices, try bidding on less-expensive, less-popular items. There should be less competition, allowing you to learn auction strategies more easily.
  • Buy Bids on Sale: Don’t forget to check the DealDash site as often as possible. The site frequently offers cheap bids and promotions to save you money and make it easier to keep making bids on the products you want.