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How to Get Free Bids on DealDash

Do you like FREE BIDS??? Did you know DealDash gives out THOUSANDS of free bids each and every week!!!

All you have to do is win a auction to be able to collect free bids and in this article i’m going to tell you how to do that. I believe in making the most out of every item I win and this makes me very successful when playing DealDash. My wins are sweeter and my losses don’t sting as bad because of all of the money I’m saving when I play.

First things first, you have to snag the win.
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high-value auctions
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How to Win High-Value Auctions

If I cannot afford to Buy-It-Now, I seldom bid on high-value auctions because I know I will have to let it go and lose all my bids if I do not win.

I’ve been shopping and bidding on DealDash since I joined on February 8, 2012. Here are a few of the high-value auctions I’ve won and some tips on how I did it so that you can hopefully win some high-value auctions too!

high-value auctions

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DealDash People
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DealDash People Making Your Shopping Experience Fun

Who are these DealDash people who run the site 24/7 making sure you have a fun shopping experience? Do they really care about you? Absolutely they do, and I have two years of experience dealing with them.

In fact I have not had any real problems at all since joining nearly 2 years ago back in October 2012. I did get confused with one of their promos one time however when I emailed the DealDash customer support team I got a very quick response. The DealDash people care a lot about their customers and the service they provide service. The
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