DealDash People

DealDash People Making Your Shopping Experience Fun

Who are these DealDash people who run the site 24/7 making sure you have a fun shopping experience? Do they really care about you? Absolutely they do, and I have two years of experience dealing with them.

In fact I have not had any real problems at all since joining nearly 2 years ago back in October 2012. I did get confused with one of their promos one time however when I emailed the DealDash customer support team I got a very quick response. The DealDash people care a lot about their customers and the service they provide service. The DealDash people are always very happy to answer questions and explain in more detail for a better understanding. Although my question at the time was very simple they were very nice and provided me with great service.
Shortly after I started on DealDash the company was overwhelmed with new bidders. The staff tried to keep up but they had no idea that they would grow so big so fast. There were some delays with getting the won items shipped out, however this is very understandable with the amount of growth the DealDash people were facing. As fast as they could they added new DealDash people to their staff to get everything back on track and make sure their customers did not have to continue waiting for their items or replies to emails. They even sent free bids to everyone with an apology for the delays and got all the products shipped out. Could anyone ask for anything more?
If you go to the bottom of your screen when on you can look up who the DealDash people are. There is a link to the DealDash team and pictures of these nice people. There is a page explaining how they put the customer first and how they believe in providing a fair and honest website. There is even a link to the careers page so if you’re interested in working with the nice DealDash people you should check that out! There aren’t many companies out there that will post this information so readily available. Believe in DealDash and believe in the DealDash people, they are a legit and honest people running a fair bidding site.
By Donna Smith aka Newfden
DealDash People