high-value auctions

How to Win High-Value Auctions

If I cannot afford to Buy-It-Now, I seldom bid on high-value auctions because I know I will have to let it go and lose all my bids if I do not win.

I’ve been shopping and bidding on DealDash since I joined on February 8, 2012. Here are a few of the high-value auctions I’ve won and some tips on how I did it so that you can hopefully win some high-value auctions too!

high-value auctions

By looking at my list, I can see that most of my best high-value auction wins closed in the early part of the auction and did not require many bids. Therefore, instead of placing 1,000 bids on one high-value item, I believe we would have a much better chance of winning a high-value auction by placing 100 bids on that same auction 10 times. After all, winning is often a matter of being in the right auction at the right time and that would increase our chances of hitting a lucky one.

It might also help to be patient and not bid on high-value auctions until after the well-known power bidders have already won and get eliminated (blocked out) from the competition. For example, screen name RichnBorrd won the $500 Amazon gift card and he already won the $1,000 Amazon gift card, too, so this rich competitor with endless bids has now been blocked from returning to both of those high-value auctions for gift cards. Couples rickyandann and SandraandTom, who appear to be more competitive by putting two incomes together, have also already won the $1,000 Amazon gift card. Therefore, now that they have all been eliminated from that auction, the rest of us might have a better chance of winning it in the future.

I hope this helps you develop your own strategy for how to win a high-value auction on DealDash!

By Barbara Sellers