How DealDash Can Help You Save

How DealDash Can Help You Save

DealDash gives you numerous opportunities to help you save.

For example, I only buy bids when they are on sale. Bids go on sale just about every day of the week so be sure to stay on the look out for these special promotions to help you save on the price of bids. I will usually buy bids when they are down to 15 cents or 16 cents. Occasionally DealDash will even mark the bid price down to 14¢ however it’s more rare.

When making your purchase, be sure to buy enough bids to be able to win what you are looking for. You don’t want to be in the middle of an auction and run out of bids. What if this happens just after a sale ended? Then you might have to pay as much as 60 cents per bid for them and that would raise your bottom line and not help you save.

Another way to help you save is to watch for special promotions when DealDash offers a half off ending price day to the winner. That’s when DealDash pays 50% off the ending price for you. Even better, there is the FREE ending price day to the winner. This is where your winning ending price is free. You will only be charged one cent just to process an official transaction.

Have you ever thought of ways you can you add to these bargains you already get on DealDash to help you save even more? If you have won something like a restaurant gift card at a pretty good price, why not add to it with a local coupon. I occasionally get coupons in the mail from Ruby Tuesday or Olive Garden. I can then use their coupons which may be a buy one get one free entree. I’ll then pay for it with a gift card I won on DealDash and also have the buy one get one free offer.

So if you won a gift card at let’s say 50% off and used a buy one get one coupon at the restaurant, that would bring you down to paying, say five bucks for a steak dinner! Use everything in your arsenal to get the lowest price on products and gift cards. Be creative! Happy bidding!

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By Donna Smith

About author: I’ve been playing on DealDash for over two years, won 275 auctions and love it! 

How DealDash Can Help You Save